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Very Large Box for Triangle Strategy • 3.4.22

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Nintendo sent over a big box!

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  1. I'm going to get it but I've so far only played the demo. It's hard so far for me to tell how much route splitting there is. At first I though only one of the options in in the newer demo was going to lead to the events seen in the original demo, but then it seemed like both could.
    Right now I'm trying to finally play Octopath after literal years.

  2. Played the demo, it was enjoyable, but I'm still gonna wait to buy it because I want to save money for other games that I want like the new Kirby and Splatoon 3

  3. I want the game so bad, I’ve been eyeing it for so long and I LOVE this sorta art style in games, maybe in a few weeks!

  4. I finished my first playthrough last week, and I'm ready to start my second soon. There's multiple routes! I love all the characters and story, the music and gameplay is gripping and fantastic, and I can't really think of a fault at all. Absolutely going up to one of all of my all time favorites, just like Octopath before it.

  5. Those promotional items (and the ones in a previous video) seem oddly square and rectangular for a game called Triangle Strategy.

  6. With the size of the box plus the fact that they called it a "tabletop rpg" in the note, it makes me think that they had planned for this to be an actual board game at some point.

  7. I got the game on launch day, but I haven't found time to play past chapter 3. It's definitely fun and I want to finish it though.

  8. I still haven't played Octopath, got through the demo but when I went to play the full game on cartridge I had to start from scratch :/

  9. I finished it last week and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I'm a huge fan of tactics games and from the looks of it I thought it was going to be very much like FF Tactics or Advance Wars but there's a surprising amount of similarity to Fire Emblem in this one (which is not a bad thing, FE was the game series that got me into the Tactics genre to begin with haha).

  10. When you said this is some sort of tabletop thing my first thought was if they making some sort of tabletop wargame? Honestly a tabletop wargame would fit games like Triangle Strategy and Fire Emblem FAR better than a tabletop RPG (and you can use the scales of conviction as a campaign feature).

    On a side note I’m working on a tabletop wargame that takes inspiration from Fire Emblem. I like both so why not make one

  11. The gameplay for Triangle Strategy is fun and I love the character designs but the story is not that great. It really takes a nosedive after a certain point near the end and they didn’t build any relationship or character development well in the main story. There are good moments in side stories but the main story is a disappointment.

  12. In case anyone isn't aware. Those cards were also a preorder bonus if you bought the game from GameStop.

  13. Stephen: We can play the full game on stream!
    Triangle Strategy: haha no you’re only gonna get barely through the demo after three and a half hours 😎

  14. I got this game last week and I'm having a blast playing it. It's been a while since I got invested in a more story heavy JRPG.

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