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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich Kking Classic Fresh Servers Will be Dead on Arrival w/o Changes

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Blizzard releasing classic fresh servers is a great idea, but my concern is that they will be dead on arrival with slow leveling, no RDF and the eventual arrival of gold sellers, buyers etc.

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00:00 – Classic Fresh Discussion
11:42 – Channel Situation, Future Plans

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  1. I like leveling, actually is very calming. Its more fun if ppl cant boost and NEED to level too

  2. A couple of important factors that could end up resulting in success for fresh realms:

    I know that several of the big OG Classic streamers like Kargoz are going fresh. These guys have a pretty big following and love vanilla content. Many of them want to go back and replay vanilla and tbc with Wrath class changes.

    How many fresh servers will there be? If they don’t overdo the number of realms and only add one if absolutely needed, that’ll make a big difference.

    If they provide an experience boost, I can definitely see the appeal, especially if you know you want to re-roll for Wrath, you may as well do it on a fresh realm.

    I don’t think leveling speed or dungeon finder is a huge factor for fresh, especially if they get the experience boost. Keep in mind that Phase 1 of Wrath is going to be a few months of insignificant content. Players have plenty of time to get to 80 and run some dungeons to prepare for Ulduar.

  3. in Wotlk Classic will be +50% exp boost, exp reduction in a group with a higher lvl Chrarakter, it will have a random dungeon finder(a new one) and old charakters from tbc will not be abel to join these fresh servers if the population is in good terms (even after the 90 days)
    You dont have the right informations

  4. Its hard to abandon my 6 level 70s, 13 characters over level 60 with their crafting cooldowns, but I would… except for my friends don't have as much time to play and can't level in prepatch.

  5. They already said that they're going to monitor the servers and if the servers are fine as far as population goes they will not rush to open transfers to the servers and it could be indefinite that they would not allow transfers as long as the server is doing fine population wise so it's not going to be like oh 90 days is up and now you can transfer, that's not how it's going to work.

  6. I used to be the same of the logic of how can you spend X amount of real money on X amount of gold, but as the goblin saying goes " Time is Money Friend" You can work that extra weekend instead and will pay for 10x the amount of gold you would sit farming in most peoples cases. That is the real issue. The same amount of time spent is not equivalent in gold acquired for the things the people enjoy spending their time on.

  7. i seriously FUCKING HATE it that they trashed the dungeon finder.

    Sorry to all classic andys and whatever
    But i dont want to scroll through the chat(or the new tool they implemented, just give us dungeon finder jesus), getting declined because of stupid reasons.
    I certainly am not a bad player (11/11 M Sepulcher), and , honestly, i dont give a flying fuck about "socializing" with people i will probably never see again after the dungeon.

    I just want to blast the shit out of this game with my girlfriend and have fun with my guild later on whilst raiding.

  8. Gdkp is the superior loot system. Would rather them focus on bots and rmt and let me spend my hard earned gold however I want.

  9. On the day of the blue post announcing the end of ingame player boosting was celebrated – the paid boost goes on sale. That tells you all you need to know about the direction of classic…

  10. I’ll be honest, if I wasn’t playing Classic, I’d go fresh. But because I’ve put time and effort into everything I have now, I just can’t abandon everything.

  11. Could be cope but i believe fresh servers will be pretty popular. it will at least attract the pserver players. Boosts being unplayable and the blizzard 100% xp boost going live will help these servers tremendously. I dont think itll be mega servers, but they will at least be healthy servers.

  12. Well they have done something to kill boosting and we do know for the 1st before Ralph classic launches it's going to be 50% bonus experience so who knows how long that's going to last.

    Maybe they'll do something about gdkps I'm kind of hopeful honestly I really just wish they would leave in that 50% experience bonus.

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