World War 3 Open Beta Will DESTROY Battlefield 2042.

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World War 3 Open Beta Will DESTROY Battlefield 2042.

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  1. If they would use some better sounds for the guns, it would be epic for the immersion, but the current pops just feel like you shoot toy guns☹️

  2. Next spam😉 ww3 by russian mygames is weak, has a lot of errors, broken sounds and players from russia

  3. Only an idiot would think WW3 compares to battlefield in any way. The biggest game mode is 40 players max. The maps are small. There are zero air vehicles. I own both games and ww3 is a nice blend of COD and Siege but to think this game compares to battlefield at all is just dumb. They’re not even in the same genre of shooter so I have a feeling bozo here never played it and is just making clickbait as per usual

  4. bf5 was good yall just close minded anout ww2 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  5. I love insurgency but I’m tired of the lack of content and pretty bummed out that night battles was only limited time o really wish some FPS multiplayer game would have a permanent night battle mode.

  6. I really don’t like the disappearing bodies in this game, or in any game tbh. Just leave the bodies on the floor godammit…
    It kills the immersion for me.

  7. I think you're the first YouTuber I hear speaking that states the obvious yet overlooked fact that this is A PRODUCT. It's what I always say to my friends. It's a COMMODITY, something you pay for, just like a car. How would you feel if your new 80.000 bucks Mercedes came with half the wheels and a broken exhaust pipe? Yeah, exactly.

    Maybe that's why you're still small compared to the big "Battlefield" YouTubers, they sell hype and lies, and the kids love the hype and sweet sweet lies. Respect to you, you tell it how it is. Subbed and liked.

  8. So many false information in comments the open beta will be released in few weeks max in July not in 2023. There will a lot of content u can find that content on their youtube channel for example k2, ak 74 , fal and more .

  9. Needs to be more small teams bringing out cross platform fps games. Quality ones. The genre is so bad at the moment and AAA are making it a habit of brigning out half baked games under the guise of "future updates" not on, not acceptable.

  10. The way this guy speaks in his videos reminds me of when I was writing papers in high school and would just pad the essay with words to hit a certain word count. He has 2 min of content he stretches out into 10 min.

  11. Once WW3 comes to console and they have steady releases. I think it's taking the 2042 base that remains especially if its free to play.

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