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Zuldazar – Music & Rain Ambience | World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth / BfA

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Nestled deep in Zandalar’s primal jungle, Zuldazar is a remnant of the once-mighty Zandalar empire. A vast coastline surrounds Zuldazar to the south, east, and west, offering bountiful opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming, and treasure hunting. To the north are the marshland of Nazmir, and the deserts of Vol’dun.
High above the jungle canopies, the Golden Throne serves as Zuldazar’s city center, with some of the most breathtaking views in the region. It is from here that Rastakhan, king of the Zandalari, rules. A vast, ancient cityscape of interconnected terraces sprawls out below, dotted with temples devoted to the loa, which are maintained by their loyal servants.
Visitors can find anything they need for an extended stay in the heart of Dazar’alor at the center of the city. Facilities include an inn, portals to all major Horde cities along with Dalaran, profession trainers, a bank, training dummies, vendors, and more. It’s easy to get lost this ancient, multileveled city—but that only emphasizes its vastness and grandeur.
Zandalar’s rich tapestry of flora and fauna deserve research and cataloguing. The Zandalari have shown themselves to be able beast masters, having domesticated many of the creatures that roam the land. Some of these serve as helpful allies to the Zandalari; others prove obstacles to those who would seek to exploit the jungle’s resources. Tamed Ravasaurs, Brutosaurs, Pterrodax, and Direhorns make up just a portion of their menagerie. There are countless other wild beasts that make their homes in surrounding jungles, from Muddy Riverbeasts to Roaming Nibblers.

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For the music titles turn on the CC (captions/subtitles) from YouTube bar.
Zuldazar Jungle: David Arkenstone and Leo Kaliski
Zuldazar Bazaar: David Arkenstone
Zuldazar, Zandalari Lament, City of Gold: Sam Cardon
Zandalari Troll: Sam Cardon and Leo Kaliski

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeorth Zuldazar locations on this video:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:50 Nesingwary’s Trek
0:02:05 Rootway
0:07:07 Near the Sliver
0:09:52 The Sliver
0:12:33 Tal’gurub
0:18:33 Savagelands
0:19:32 The Tusk Pools
0:21:35 Scaletrader Post
0:22:17 Temple of Rezan
0:25:46 Savagelands
0:29:43 The Feeding Grounds
0:33:01 Warbeast Kraal
0:37:37 The Slough
0:38:48 Temple of Prophet
0:40:13 Kingsmouth River
0:41:36 Old Merchant Road
0:42:50 Village in the Vines
0:44:18 Gorilla Gorge
0:46:20 The Zocalo
0:50:25 Dazar’alor
0:51:46 Grand Bazaar
0:55:26 The Sliver
0:56:26 Terrace of the Chosen
0:57:18 The Zocalo
0:59:10 The Great Seal

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Below the Stone
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  1. This is the time for a little variety. I had this video on my "to do list" for so long. I am happy to finally release it.

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    With love,


  2. "Look at the size of the dinosaurs!

    <Ji sighs wistfully.>

    I can't wait to punch one."
    -Pandaren Wisdom of Ji Firepaw

  3. Thank You for amazing work, it's really astonishing. There are some channels on YouTube with WOW music and ambience, but Yours is almost perfect!
    Best atmosphere in videos for sure.
    And one more thanks for the description to videos.

  4. Thank you so much for this! Zuldazar is one of my favourite zones and the music is so beautiful. I love to just park my character there and relax and enjoy the vibe. This is my new sleep music now.

  5. Hate on this expansion all you want, I had an amazing time as a Horde player!! The amount of times I would just walk around in the jungle for this music aaah 🙂 amazing vid thanks

  6. I love the Zandalary theme so much, all the sound tracks are 10/10 with rain and ambience it is a masterpiece! Thank you Meiso!

  7. I really like this one. It's something you can keep open on a 2d screen and keep gaming on. I do love the fact that you used the very slow zoom in effect. Well done.

    I'm actually gonna say now that you're doing something here that I've been thinking about doing for a long time but never got around to it. The scenery, the music, the slow zoom in effect. I did do something similar for a Diablo 2 Music video that I got on my channel, do check it out if you like that soundtrack. Again, good job.

  8. I love all of your videos so much, sooooooooo much, but Zul'dazar always hits different. My favorite one so far!

  9. Nothing like a nice stroll
    through a predator-infested, humid, and hazardous jungle to calm the mind.

    I really love your videos Meisio.

  10. Stunning work as usual! You did a wonderful job with the mix and the visuals are incredible. You really outdid yourself 🙂

  11. Another lovely one! Relaxing. Definitely helped me with some overtime I’m currently doing. Will listen to it a few more times probably 🙂

  12. Thank you as always, Meisio!

    38:50 this track always felt so good to listen to. It sounds so tropical and it even kind of feels a bit out of place in the Warcraft universe 🙂

  13. I have listend to all of your beautiful works but THIS is a favourite! Awesome job, man, I truly appreciate your work so much, you do not get enough credit for all of this!

  14. Also BFA one of my favorite expacs with 100+ days of /played (90% on the Horde side), and oh god, this video just brings back so much of fond memories!

  15. Oh this is absolutely stunning! I'd missed your rain ambience videos so this was a wonderful surprise. I remember being mesmerized upon seeing it rain for the first time in Zuldazar; it was so unexpected, one can't help but admire it. It was a great place and atmosphere to fish in too 🤭 You've really captured the mystical, majestic essence of this place like you always do. You have my thanks for sharing 😌

  16. This is just… I'm listening to this at work after my lunch and literally getting sleepy.

    12/10, great stuff man!

  17. Thank you sincerely for your work Meisio. That must me one of the most appeasing zone, with its luxurious jungle and its absolutely gorgeous music. So much feelings you thoroughly conveyed in this video ! Thanks a lot <3

  18. That's what I exactly needed! It's starting to rain rn, and I just received notification while walking. Wooow
    Beginning of the video creates a perfect relaxation vibe!

    Thanks Meisio, you are a mood savior!!

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