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Apex Legends – LOBA "Goodnight Beautiful" in 10 Different Languages

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Apex Legends – Loba Voice in 10 different languages
Loba Speaks 10 different Languages
Apex Legends – Loba Voicelines

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019, and for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. A mobile version of the game specially designed for touchscreens titled Apex Legends Mobile has also been announced which is scheduled to be fully released by 2022 on Android and iOS, as well as a native version of the game for Xbox Series X and Series S, and PlayStation 5. The game supports cross-platform play.

Before the match, players form into two- or three-player squads, and select from pre-designed characters with distinctive abilities, known as “Legends”. The game has two gameplay modes. In “Battle Royale”, up to 20 three-person squads or 30 two-person duos land on an island and search for weapons and supplies before attempting to defeat all other players in combat. The available play area on the island shrinks over time, forcing players to keep moving or else find themselves outside the play area which can be fatal. The final team alive wins the round. In “Arenas”, players form into three-player squads and fight against another squad in a 3v3 team deathmatch over a series of rounds to determine the winner of the match. Teams win when their team has at least 3 points and is 2 points ahead.

Apex Legends is set in the same science fiction universe as Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall series, with several characters from the Titanfall series appearing either as minor characters or playable Legends. Work on the game began around late 2016, though the project remained a secret right up until its launch. The game’s release in 2019 came as a surprise, as until that point it had been assumed that Respawn Entertainment was working on a third installment to the Titanfall franchise, the studio’s previous major game. Apex Legends received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its gameplay, progression system, and fusion of elements from various genres. Some considered it a worthy competitor to other battle royale games. Apex Legends surpassed 25 million players by the end of its first week, and 50 million within its first month. By April 2021, it had approximately 100 million players making it one of the most played video games of all time.


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