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Apex's Current Most Useful Legend is… – Apex Legends Season 12

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  1. It's ridiculous how people play this game. Hands down the worst player base in gaming. 8 year olds in Fortnite play with more strategy.

  2. Bro the first game is exactly what happens to my friend and I we just get shot by everyone even though they’re right next to each other except we get half the kills itemp and sooxfar get

  3. Rich, firstly I am thrilled you are using the CAR lately, it's such an effective weapon in close quarters! But for the love of God, be aware of what mag and ammo you need for it, if you put a light mag in it then dont keep using heavy, it makes such a difference when the time comes!

    But, thank for yet again providing such awesome content man!

  4. Do you think lobas bracelet should have somewhat the same mechanics as pathfinders grapple? Just maybe not as rewarding

  5. You 2 make apex on YouTube so entertaining, for apex comedy I come here and I also watch rag, you 3 together would be hilarious 👌

  6. Hi Rich big fan, watch everyday. Would love to see a game with re45 and hammer points. Or double hammers re45 and mozam.

  7. I must say. I love Loba. She was my Main while i was playing. I distanced myself a little from Apex but Loba is one of my fav. Characters. Plus, her interactions with Ravenant are gold!

  8. Hey Rich I’ve just packed some heirloom shards lol which one should I get? I’m a Mirage Main and have 400 kills with him what heirloom should I get?

  9. First game looks like my games.. 3 squads same time from different directions beams our squad.. only difference is that we die and go back to the lobby 😆

  10. Loba still needs a buff tho. She needs to be able to loot banners, and her ult needs to have a faster cooldown imo

  11. LOL idk if I'm so in tune with itemp's humor now or what but the way rich edited this one to perfectly cut off himself and sooxfar when they're speaking made me bust out laughing
    9:47 cutting off his reaction to falling off the map
    12:36 "how do you have 400 light rounds? Gee–"

  12. Yes rich man haven’t watched you since Ali a hit that sick 360 with the silence pistol should get him on apex

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