Battlefield 2042 : Season 1 Zero Hour | RTX 3080 12GB ( Ultra Graphics RTX ON / DLSS ON )

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Battlefield 2042 RTX 3080 PC Gameplay Recorded With Shadowplay Monitoring Program. MSI Afterburner My PC Specs: • CPU …


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  1. how u can 70fps at 4k ..and me at 1080 only have 70/80
    rtx 3070
    i9 10900F
    16RAM 3000mhz

  2. This game looks like a mobile shooter in comparison with Battlefield 4.
    What a sluggish looking gameplay

  3. Meh…. dead game, looks good but nothing impressive I can running on ultra 4k too, but game is shit

  4. similar look and fps of the series x version , pc nowadays are expensive and the difference isn't that big.

  5. So you can destroy a moving vehicle with an RPG but you can't kill a foe with a direct hit of the same RPG? Uhmmm

  6. since Feb 24 2022, the view on modern battlefield mechanics completely changed. BF2042 is outdated since there are no drones, guided artillery, and lots of heavy arms in the game…

  7. That's why i still play Battlefield 2. It is like the Mclaren F1 there are faster cars but it will be always the ultimate driving machine <3

  8. failed game!!! I deleted this shiet. Wasted my damnnnn money, I feel stupid that I preordered the Ultimate Edition. I finally got 3080Ti after so many years of using 1080Ti.

  9. Games still a mess with terrible performance and network lag/jutter in motion. Not to mention trash maps/operaters/gameplay in general. RIP to this game

  10. while impressive for the hardware. This game was a letdown. glad i only tried the beta. last time i bought a battlefield game was on 3. 2 was the best.

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