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Elden Ring: Beating Tree Sentinel As A Level 1 Wretch

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Beating Tree Sentinel as a level 1 wretch. All those people telling me to git gud, this is the video for you. Read it and weep. If you think you can do this, I wanna see it on video. With that, like and subscribe, more elden ring content coming in the future.


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  1. I beat him with my samurai right after getting the dogs and horse, then went straight to him. Still took me an hour, but felt amazing

  2. This is amazing and inspirational. Tree sentinel is no joke

    But have no idea why you struggle with Radahn if you can do this but I guess everyone has their achilles heal. If you go in properly leveled Radahn is really fun. Imo your fight here is waaaaay harder

  3. I mean, good job on beating Tree Sentinel at level 1 I guess, but it doesn't prove your point in the Radahn video. They are two different bosses, and one is incredibly less complicated than the other one. You know what, I'm going to go make a video of me beating Radahn at level 1 just to show you how simple it is.

  4. Wait, how you i-framing and doing this good but suck at Radahn like just use the same skill you use here on Radahn wtf Radahn shouldn't be that hard if you already know how to i-frame and stuff.

  5. I struggled to beat him even on level 20 great job dude! Sub well deserved. Hope to see more elden ring content

  6. Not 100% sure why fighting Sentinel is really relevant to Radahn. He has really basic moves to dodge and is easily punished by attacking when has slower recoveries off attack, giving you 1-3 hits. Even the first boss you encounter without Flasks is easy, as long as you punish his slow recoveries.
    However, (genuinely) good on you for accomplishing your challenge in beating it as a wretch

  7. ah yes, you gotta defend you being wrong about one of the best bosses in fromsoft history by flexing over a literal optional tutorial boss
    not very convincing my dude, if you wanted to flex you being 'good' at the game, you shouldve done it with an actual maingame boss, like for example, margit

    think about things before posting my dude

  8. I mean to be fair, this doesn’t prove much, i wasnt one of the people saying “get good” nor am i saying you aren’t good, but going from a incredibly hard boss like radahn down to tree sentinel someone who has 5-6 or so attacks that pretty huge windups won’t prove you’re point, both bosses have very different mechanics as well, the two aren’t really comparable even if you’re level 1 against tree sentinel, which is why i’m saying it doesn’t prove your point, most players that have experience with the souls games could most likely do the same thing, keep in mind tho im not saying what you’re doing isn’t difficult it definitly is pretty difficult to do that but the difficulty of doing that as compared to Radahn is as previously mentioned not really comparable since beating radahn is harder than beating tree sentinel as a level 1 wretch, like i said before im not saying you’re arent good, i wasnt one of the people saying to get good, im simply saying this doesn’t prove your point or make you appear good, no hate to you man simply putting it out there

  9. "Now do that with no hits" person who doesn't own the game saying while snugling with a melina body pilow. impresive dude completely pointless outside of proving your opinion on starscurge isn't as easy for people to be like git gud as a response but nevertheless impressive

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