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EVERYTHING Explained! – Path of Exile Full Walkthrough [PoE University]

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Path of Exile University is back!
In this first episode of PoE 3.18, Zizaran takes you through the entire campaign while explaining everything in detail.
This covers the vast majority of things in a very long video aimed at new PoE players.

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00:00 Intro and Act 1
01:06:27 Act 2
02:03:57 Act 3
03:16:07 Act 4
03:59:57 Act 5
05:01:57 Act 6
05:41:47 Act 7
06:27:57 Act 8
06:47:37 Act 9
07:07:27 Act 10 and end


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  1. Commpletely new player here, so far your video is really helping me to understand the game (in Act 4 currently). One thing i think is missed was when you switched to Explosive Arrow, i first could not equip Flamedash because i had not enough Inteligence. To be able to equip all your recommended gems i then crafted some Intelligence on my equip, because i thought that was the only solution. If there is any other way to get the Intelligence consistent at level 28-32 please let us know in your next video :D. Otherwise very good video, really appreciate that you try to get into the mind of a complete beginner, even with your amount of hours spent in the game 🙂

  2. @Zizaran In the currency stash tab, when I place an item into the slot in the middle, how do I click on a currency stack, hover over the item in the middle and just keep right clicking to change it without going back and forth? Do you know what I mean?

  3. What would be the priority mod in the bow? because I got +1 to bow socketed gems and I have no idea if that's better than attack speed + some damage mod

  4. I didn't see you mention that if you sell 3 of the same flasks to a vendor, you will receive 1 flask that is one tier higher than what you sold. I always keep all of the flasks that I receive in my stash until I can level them up. I am a casual player, not a speed runner, but I rarely ever need to purchase flasks from vendors as I go by doing this.

  5. Thanks for the guide! I decided to try to play POE again. I never made it much further then starting maps at the end game before my build fell apart and I lost motivation. The explanations along the way were great and not to over whelming. The below info I found very helpful and helped me from getting randomly 1 shot.

    – Prioritize on getting max resistances.

    – Stats being local vs globle. I can stop down grading items because them seem better by stats.

    -Armor only being able to stop x amount of damage regardless of % reduction. I was able to swap gear for % physical damage taken as elemental dmg. This helped a lot on meaty hits.

    -Using the Quartz flask to pass through enemies since a lot of the physical hits taken is from getting stuck on mobs.

    Now for the video on mapping.

  6. how many screens you looking at btw loving the video tho very helpful to explain where new players under 10000 hours played it would take tht to understand for new players to this game lol but its like watching you in a security system lol

  7. I always keep my exile updated, but i totally can see a 24hours video of you anytime. My comment to say is not so long of a video for people really enjoying it.
    Keep the good job!

  8. For new players, veterans sometimes do hardcore (when you die, your character dies and is a game over).
    So sometimes on the video Ziza will say "on hardcore", but i recomend people to try and learn the game, see if you enjoyed and then if you like a more challenging "challenge" you can look for especific videos on how to carry on with the hardcore mode of the game.

  9. I am looking for your loot filters. I attempted to follow the links on your old video but it says that they don't exist. Plz help?

  10. How do you recommend new players determine what builds to choose from, what builds are still currently relevant, and different playstyle pro/cons?

  11. Just wanted to let you know, this is exactly what I needed to get me over the initial trepidation I felt, and get me playing PoE. I've been following this guide down to the letter, and it's incredible to me that you do one of these every three months! Thanks for this great guide!

  12. COMPLETELY NEW to the game here. I'm planing on start playing PoE and follow this exact guide. First 2 hours only feedback I can give is that I don't completely understand what do you look on each armor/weap slot to consider it an upgrade. I undestand sockets but I don't get what affix are you always looking for in this build besides the resist cap.

  13. Noobie player here. I'm very confused. Where can I get the link to this build so I can follow it?

  14. This guide is very helpful! It has made me really love the game and ive been following along while playing. Thankyou!

  15. I always like the idea of playing POE buts it's so complicated. I'm a D2 vet and it's just overwhelming for me. Been watching you're guides I just can't decide what is a good friendly, fun build to keep me playing? I started your trapper sabatour, but even with the loot filter on, I don't understand what a good or bad item is

  16. Dude this is a great guide, i never had played poe before only watched and got confused as expected, but following this i managed to do pretty much a act or 2 per day, this is looking to be a 10-12 first time play through, the best thing is not even learning the build but actually the fact i'm begging to make sense of the mechanics and how to use them, i had the same problem in act 3 (not having a 4 link) and i managed to it with 3 and adjust my sockets to be abble to use all the gems, i'm closing act 4 as i wrote this so big thanks, i would love for you to keep this as a series

  17. The campaign slog every league is what got my friend to quit the game :c
    I'm listening to this at work as a refresher. Haven't played since ritual, considering giving standard a try. I've got a paltry 900 hours in this game and one three-month challenge league has never been enough time for me to minmax even a single character.

  18. This is immensely helpful thank you ziz ! (1 hour in and still watching while the game is downloading)

  19. I have Giving up understanding that mechanics POE has – Im back to good old D3

    That POE skill-tree is just… NAH!!!!

  20. First time back in PoE since Delve League. So much has changed lol, and melee is actually viable now :O
    Thanks for the video, very helpful!

  21. Love the video, have 1500+ hrs in Poe and still learned a ton. My only request would be do the next video after 3.19 patch notes and after you have made your starter videos using one of the starter builds.

  22. Looooove long form videos like this because it’s something to listen to other than music at work

  23. new player here and i find it hard to understand !

    i watched Act 1 and stopped. you started to explain suffix and prefix but i got confused which is which !

    hope more details on what the yellow vs white vs blue gear are. and how important these are prefixes and suffixes ? like what do u look and hope from those ? for your class ! do i care only for prefix? or sufixes ? how to know good ones from the bad ones ? many questions just from those. gears look complicated

    thanks for trying to help us but it's so overwhelming and from my opinion i see you explaining things as a pro player instead as a beginner to beginners !

    you throw names and you move fast! but love the slow pacing on progressing here to understand how to play the game.

    i might give it a chance but i wish i can understand how to build a build so i dont regret it at the end. and i hate that many refer to me pre build from other players . it's not fun copying others even as a beginner player.

  24. As a completely new player I really really want to enjoy this game and dive into it but, as everyone knows, it’s incredibly overwhelming but looks like a ton of fun so I took the plunge last night. Thank you so much for your guides and videos. I can’t explain how comforting it is to have stuff like this to watch and reference.

  25. Really liked poe, but there was just so much currencies and things dropping that I quit. Impossible to tell what was valuable.

  26. Are these the POE university videos to watch? Asking bc I was making progress on the old one but if this is new school, I'll stop that and start here!

  27. You can see from the comments how much this is helping new players, thank you for taking the time to help us filthy casuals.

  28. thank you so much for this vid! I am in act 3 and one shotting everything lmfao. the damage is insane. Even the bosses are going down in 1-2 seconds lmao!!

  29. I like this idea of video… ill enjoy playing new builds with play through like this.. Im an extreme casual player sometimes ill go hard sometimes not.. im still a complete noob and spend hours watching videos on builds and still get super confused.. but I absolutely love this game! I missed half of last league and sofar yet to log on for new league.

  30. EXCELLENT guide! Thank you Zizeran! This has been great to start my fourth league, but has been a few leagues since I last played.
    I'm at level 77 and enjoying all content thanks to this build/guide.
    I got a 6 link short bow, but haven't gotten enough shrieking Ess of Dread to level it. Until then, I'm running Quill Rain Short Bow that dropped for me. Insanely fun and fast clear!

  31. This is extremely helpful! I have definitely improved my game play watching this. I didn't follow the same build, one of my favourite things to do is try my own ideas, but this walk through was still helpful. I am interested in learning more about armour and damage; Also how passives and skills work together. Just more about how everything works together as well as knowing if something is over stacked and useless because of that. Thank you so much!

  32. I followed your guide as much as i could. Thank you for this help since i'm a brand new player, there are way too many things I don't understand. Just for curiosity, I went gladiator for ascendency with this build. Does that work? And can Totems crit? I went with a passive that increased crit rate for totems. Was that a mistake? Thank you again

  33. "Path of Exile is a weird game cause a player could have 1000 hours into the game and still not know a lot."
    Dude, I have the beta founder starter pack for the PC version of the game and here I am. . .

  34. I am level 95 and have been gearing for 3000 accuracy because I didn't realize the ascendancy gave monsters cannot evade 🙈

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