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Forgiveness GOD roll (Trials Sidearm Review) | Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

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Trials has brought us some new toys in the Season of the Haunted, including this Forgiveness side arm. If you were waiting for a Smuggler’s Word 2.0 then look no further! Here are the random rolls for this sidearm, along with the God Roll.
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  1. I love this sidearm but imperical evidence whit idagio it’s a 2 burst monster plus you can crafted 🔥

  2. Question, my Warlock only shows two super options, Daybreak and Well of Radiance. What happened to the 3rd option?

  3. I got the demo / adrenaline roll and only put it down for when a roaming super is coming down the pipe. Got a moving target vorpal one for them. 😂 Ahamkara spines all day! So fun.

  4. Just got two adapt forgiveness, both had Air Assault…
    Can't find a breakdown on that perk (in the last month , since update)…

    Can we get a breakdown on Air Assault please?

  5. Got an adept one with smallbore, ricochet, subsistence, and rapid hit/multikill clip 🙌🙌

  6. I got an adept one with air assault harmony or muti kill clip today. The second roll was moving target adrenaline junkie or vorpal

  7. I managed to get a beaut that has Fluted Barrel, Ricochet Rounds, Air Assault, and Adrenaline Junkie w/ a stability masterwork. I had to get to Legend rank because it would not drop for me at all until I were to grab the roll Saint was selling. Worth it!

  8. I got a roll with hammer-forged, high cal, moving target, & I can switch between rapid hit and focus fury!

  9. The only sidearm that I used alot in pvp
    Was Traveller Judgement
    It's not popular but I got the godroll and it was great!
    Now I don't see why should i use sidearm over smg

  10. Moving target isn’t just for aim assist though. It helps with movement while ads. I don’t know. That’s what I would take over air assault

  11. You should probably take down that video of you talking smack about IAE. Because you said youd never play this shit mode again and find your "FIX" somewhere else… I think you and your 1% buddies make this game hard for "inexperienced" players…

  12. I got a 91 range air assault and adrenaline junkie and it is so good been loving it In pvp and I got a demo Andrenaline junkie also for pve ima have to try out

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