How To NOT SUCK at Lis! – Battlefield 2042 Specialist Guide (Season 1)

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Here is how to not suck at using Lis in Battlefield 2042! The HTNS series returns as we go through every specialist in Battlefield 2042, giving you tips and tricks on how to best use each one. This Battlefield 2042 specialist guide will include information about Lis’ G84-TGM TV Missile, her optimal loadouts, compatible specialists and the best way to use her abilities!

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  1. Hey folks. I know, I a lot of whining about my feelings on the specialist in this one, but I felt it was necessary to convey how I think she should be played. Remember, be the dagger – not the hammer. What do you think about Lis as a specialist?

  2. She is weak AF to be honest, if some of the heavier vehicles have more than half hp u might as well not try to take them out at all.Her misiles need a big buff to damage.

  3. I use Lis mostly for anti-air when playing both solo and with a friend. We were extremely annoyed by the stealth heli, and we were trying Hacking + Soflam + M5 which in theory would work brilliantly, hack the stealth heli, soflam it, then M5 it.
    In reality Heli pilots would immediately exit stealth mode before the hack completes and pop flares, and then fly out of range or into cover. We had a very tough time killing helis.
    We both switched to Lis and we had much better luck. Though now 2 hits were required, the flares and hiding behind buildings or hills were no longer a problem. Considering the stupidly short cooldown on flares, I consider lock-on weapons to be mostly useless on helicopters.

  4. Shes not as bad as dozer though. As a man who's grinded him to his 80 kills skin he is bottom of the garbage can tier.

  5. Best loadout for exposure breakthrough:

    Irish (utilize trophy system where grenades are present)

    12m auto
    +barrel magazine
    +factory barrel
    +k8 holo
    +cobra grip

    +fusion holo

    Ammo crate

    Frag Grenade

  6. The hit detection for her rocket is also garbage. Completely stopped by some foliage, but not by others. Goes through rotor blades, skis, etc like a ghost. Mastering/unlocks that require rocket kills fml

  7. I think a good change would be if we could see how much health a vehicle has left when its spotted fpr you. And if the specific parts were highlighted with a different color.

  8. I also think it would be good to run her with scar or m5a1 because they have the grenade attachments therefore if the rockets leave that slight health on a vehicle u can clean that up with the grenade attachments

  9. You need to send liz to join the Ukraine army so she can help take out some Russian tanks , the only thing thats realy bad about 2042 is that you have to play as Russians and I hate loosing to Russians. 🤣glory Ukraine.

  10. so basically there's no reason to play with her. once i seen i could only get 20% damage per hit i basically haven't touched her anymore.

  11. Catalyst – id like to get with you on discord for a comprehensive tricks and tips guide for the Huran&Hannibal stealth choppers

  12. How to not suck at Lis: Don’t play 2042 like the rest of people apparently. Been waiting for a server 20 mins now on all out warfare. Keeps going from 15 players to 12. Every. Single. Lobby. RIP 2042. You should have died months ago.

  13. great video series Cat really positive vibe I enjoyed this a lot learned a lot too thanks for your time looking forward to more videos like this and I am going to binge-watch the other videos in the series.

  14. I like to use Lis’s rockets to kill those annoying snipers camping spots like the tower near the A objectives on the new map. It stops them from snipe camping you when trying to exit your base.

  15. Whenever I fly Super Hind / Condor or the Attack Heli, honestly I get shot at by no less than 4-5 Lis at a time. Ive even had up to 8 rockets flying at me at one time.
    Blueberries can be very persistent if youre farming, even if they arent hitting you.

  16. Playing her on console is the least fun I’ve had in 2042 trying to turn the rocket is so painfully slow and I play at 70 out of 100 sensitivity

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