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This episode features an all-star panel of alumni working in interactive media/entertainment in conversation with this year’s StudioDuke cohort. The cohort asks the panelists big questions about the world of gaming, XR, and the metaverse, as well as tips for breaking into the industry.

—Leslie J. Kim, Fuqua ‘13, Ubisoft, Associate Director, Global Marketing
—Madden Osei ’19, Xbox/Microsoft, Game Studios Program Manager (Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering)
—Abhi Shah ’16, Xbox/Microsoft, Game Pass Content Portfolio Planning (Major: Math; Certificate: Arts of the Moving Image)
—Zsofia Solta ‘14, Meta Horizon, Marketing Lead (Major: History; Minor: Economics)
—Vincent Wang, Fuqua ‘18, 2K, Senior Manager, Live Services (Core/AAA)

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