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Let's Play World of Warcraft – In 2022 – Shaman – Part 2 – BFA Campaign -Relaxing Gameplay

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We’ll be playing through the Horde Battle for Azeroth story campaign as a Shaman in this series. We’ll be using the Immersion add-on, and reading all the quests. We’ll be aiming to have a relaxing immersive time.

Addons: Immersion


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  1. You wanna cast flame shock before lava burst. Unless they’ve changed it since I’ve last played.

  2. OG WoTLK and TBC classic player here.
    Now people have mount at lvl 10 or what?? That's kind of ridiculous if you ask me :/

  3. I really like this zone. As someone who didn't start playing until last year and can sometimes struggle with the graphics of old zones, the jungle aesthetic here creates a sense of wonder that I imagine many veteran players first experienced in Stranglethorn Vale long ago.

  4. nothing better than arriving from work at 6 in the morning and seeing that you uploaded another episode of bfa. i love how you play ❤️ the game I want to back i dont play since mist of pandaria .

  5. How do you not get overwhelmed with all the quests you do haha, I can take on 2 at a time and that’s a push 😂

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