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  1. at about 14mins, void lived because of pugna. in my last game, my SD saved the enemy several times with disruption. I still believe that void is one of the best carries in late-super late game because of double crono, but and if you have a team who keeps on blaming you for not 5man wiping them,while pudge is eating through your bkb and the enemy rhasta has a refresher that chews through you

    I disagree that void is broken, i just lost a game and extended game where i cant kill the tank fast enough, the supports have actual saving skills/tiems, the enemy has multiple disables that go thru bkb and even during crono.

    JUG, TA, and even spec performs better than him in most games I've seen and played.

  2. Underrated advice on the survivability after chrono. Thats almost everyone's instinctive nature with any hero with a long cd teamfighting ability. You have to make yourself more relevant than the 5 or 6 seconds of impact, like with Tide or Enigma. Yes, enable yourself to secure a good use of that ability, but don't think it's not counterable. Also, utilize the entire kit of your hero.

  3. Maxing out 1st time walk, greatly reduces early kill potential. Tried once, it sucked, maybe vs some draft it's good when you know you couldn't kill anyone even with maxed out bash.

  4. Lol. Faceless void is not that great, he struggles against strong opponent carries earlier and by the time he comes online the game is over 🤦🏻‍♂️ Often in many games, faceless ends up being a sort of support in fights, hitting chrono every now n then, generally pos 2 and pos 3 carry the game.

  5. Linkens is a busted item especially if bought early into the game. The spell shield cool down is so low that you can use it to protect yourself while pushing waves. Most basic ability stuns and other hard cc abilities are point and click. Plus the regen helps you stay on the map and all stats is good on every hero at every stage of the game.

  6. According to this man, ever single hero, ability, and item in dota is broken, Just with different adverbs.

  7. the way i've always thought about maxing bash first is as a way to secure your first chrono or two to accelerate farm as well as the obvious advantage hitting creeps, a 0 bash chrono with mask is quite likely with only 1 point and one bash when maxed has a decent chance of compounding into more bashes just cause of the nature of the skill – low mmr void spammer

  8. Speeed, since you are playing mid for your team now I would recommend trying puck since you like mature prophet. He’s similar to np because mid and late game u can be a little rat in the sidelanes. He’s more survivable than np too because he’s impossible to find in trees with all his spells. He’s just not as good at taking towers.

  9. ok on lane leveling heres my opinion, take more on Q when enemy have nukes and you need to dodge the damage, if youre fighting like kotl or smthg, take only 1 point in W only when enemy have caster heroes that has a decent amount of cooldown like in the video's game clockwork which has a pretty long cooldown if you dont take w its alright, take E when you want to trade or jungle early on. A tip is when you dont rly have any means to kill in chrono you can skipp chrono and skill e and Q first so you can farm first

  10. Honestly the hero is still so slow to come online. If you’re versing a carry that has a way to farm naturally they’re going to be so ahead most games

  11. Hello I am herald carry player i been doing the the best way farm and Buying items but i am not good at tp in to fights and i am not good at looking at the map but ive been getting ok at snowballing in my games.Any tips on my weakenesses

  12. I'm gonna try void
    The things speeed said seems good enough for adding a new hero in my hero pool

  13. My missus keeps telling me you have an erection inducing voice which is weird because ive told her many times not to touch me while im watching Speeed videos. Women huh…

  14. Speed one thing u have to consider about linkens is that with bkb on only banes ult can proc it, so it basically means he can chrono anyone even when bane not showing without fear of being gripped

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