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Pokemon Legends: The Complete Adventure

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I finally completed my full playthrough of Pokemon Legends: Arceus including post game and actually catching Arceus, itself. I may have underestimated the full Pokedex. Subscribe here! https://bit.ly/sub2choc

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► Edited by Catastrofy_

► Outro Music by Nick Nitro

► Outro Animation by Toxiquid


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  1. When I wanted to watch a legends arceus play through, I knew you would be the one that I would go to! Thank you for being so reliable 🙂

  2. They arse that you hear in arceus is how the British say A** so I don’t like saying arceus the way you do

  3. Well it depends on the dub
    In the german dub the c in arceus is spoken out like a k and in otehr languages too
    Yes originaly the c was suposed to be spoken out like an s but since it sounds a lot like arse wich in the uk is a bad word they had to change it to an bible reference: noas arc

  4. I think the most provoking thing of all this story is the fact that there are wild porygon in that time, when this thing was created by Sylph Co. in the future, many centuries later. I still think the game was a wonderful ride filled with interesting people and strange folk stories. Too bad its replayability is non-existant.

  5. First Minute of the Pokemon game there is real world logic, professor questions how you fell out of the sky

  6. Gonna have to say, I didn’t have level troubles at all with this game. (Or at least it was the other way around)

    Before Crimson Mireland, I was like, “let me explore the map a bit and oops caught half the natural spawning alpha”
    Crimson Mireland onwards, I was like, “YOU CAN GET A lvl 50 HUISUIAN GOODRA + HUISUIAN GOODRA IS AWESOME”

    Personal opinion: Huisuian Goodra is the best playthrough Pokémon in the entire game.

  7. Good game, this is. One of the few games where I just enjoy doing random things. Then there's the satisfaction of stealth catching a pokémon. Not to mention breaking the game with the Skyrim Horse that is Wyrdeer. The Alpha Pokémon are terrifying at first, but once you get powerful enough, the tables are turned. Being able to go back to the early game Alphas like Rapidash, Snorlax, and Tangrowth and dealing with them effortlessly feels so powerful. The game is genuinely difficult, which is nice. The post-game has a lot to do, like, even more so than B2W2 arguably. The Frenzied Pokémon are such good fights. The more serious tone and fresh mechanics makes for such a breath of fresh air. The thrill of fully evolving your Hisuian Starter is really cool, considering we've seen them before, but not like this. The Strong Style moves feel legitimately powerful to use. The new evolutions are a little… unorthodox and complicated, but are generally worth it in miles. This game is just so good and so fun. Just absolute 🔥. Sorry, just had to gush.

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