Sacrier Temple (All Versions) – Dofus/Wakfu OST

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Sacriers are fearless berserker fighters, the more damage they receive the stronger they get, they’re not tanks exactly, most of their attacks hurt themselves while also hurting the enemy, but they can build up shield to keep their HP low and don’t lose the berserker damage. Blood is their signature, it’s everywhere in their temples, class, and body, many of their attacks also revolve around this, basically like blood benders from the legend of Korra, but with presumably their own blood, they can have a great mobility, jump afar, transpose, attract, push, it’s really fun to play with.

For some reason Wakfu’s Sacriers seem to have opted out of the blood and use Tatoos instead, but i still think it’s just a fancy excuse to change te color of the blood, don’t know why, not like the game got a lower age rating, it’s still the same as ever, but here and in a few other animations that had blood it seems like it was replaced by a gray liquid, and with the Sacriers, being their signature thing, they had to get creative presumably, There’s a family of Sacrier enemies in Upper Slope, the Kali henchmen are basically corrupt Sacriers, and they also just use Tatoos instead of blood, tho their main resource is Coagulated blood, which still just looks like a blob of ink, so, idk honestly.

Anyways, we’re reaching the end of the original 12 Classes, they gave the world the name of “The world of twelve”, but the progress can be felt near the end, i remember like, a decade and a half ago probably, i was interested in Dofus 1.29, and out of the few thing i can remember of that time, Pandawa was like, the newest class, only certain people could play as them for whatever reason, i guess as early access, so that’s interesting.
What does this have to do with Sacriers? well, i lied to you, the first temple themes probably don’t play at the places i show in the background, Dofus Retro’s Sacrier temple uses the default outside music, idk why, and there didn’t seem to be an “official” 1.29 sacrier temple OST, but i found this one around and it fits, it seemed official enough so i included it here, even though presumably it didn’t play originally there cuz Sacriers were new at the time, probably. The second version is from the reorchestrated version of the OST from the original composer so you can at least be certain this was planned to be the theme for the old sacrier temple.

Plus like, it’s clear they’re all connected, i don’t know why the music has such a Spain-y sound to it, maybe Sacriers and bullfighters share similarities, who knows. But there it is, chestnuts and guitars everywhere, it’s really nice, and only the first two share similarities outside of that cuz they’re the same theme, but modern Dofus and Wakfu’s temples use a totally unique theme, i can’t hear the Dofus temple in Wakfu as usual, don’t know why, but it’s not bad, i’ve talked about how the Cra temple is so good because it brings back the original leitmotif in all versions, and that remains true, but this mananges to sound great despite not doing that even once, it’s amazing.

Anyways, we’re near the end of the original temples, next up is Pandawa and then the remaining 6 classes that came after Dofus 1.29, none of their temples are featured there, and only 3 of them are in Dofus Touch, plus, since Wakfu only seemed to have included the original 12 in the Beta, only those exist, for the other 6 there’s either no proper temple or no place at all, it’s a bit sad, but i’ll find a way to include something.

0:00 Dofus Retro
1:13 Dofus Touch
3:08 Dofus
4:19 Wakfu

Sacrier Temple (EN)
Templo Sacrógrito (ES)
Temple Sacrieur (FR)

Sacrier’s Blood (EN)
La Sangre de Sacrógrito (ES)
Le sang de Sacrieur (FR)

**Music and Imagery seen here is from the Wakfu and Dofus MMORPGs owned by Ankama Games, the only purpose of this video is to share the music and visuals of the game for everyone to enjoy.


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