Destiny 2

The 10 Things Destiny DESPERATELY Needs!

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  1. Uhhhhhhhh the likely hood of buying 51 percent of the company seems a little bit unlikely😭 just going to thinks that’s a joke

  2. D1 was more of a fair game each class hade something that made the game fun_but D2 is just a unfair game to other people_nothing in D2 is balanced enough to be a game in the first place)

  3. They need to focus it being console game, too like holy fuck and the solo players fuck the clan shit! People wanna play solo

  4. Sounds good but bungiebis not doing that cant wait until season 19 hits this game is impossible to play barely any content left they vaulted 70 percent of it and now they expect me to be good to get some half assed adept weapons that nobody is using besides if there there for champions oh wait most of tye weapons you cant use champions are there this game is a huge letdown

  5. A little cutscene of Zavala walking through the Tower talking about how the city is at peace and he looks at a group of guardians cheering at ghost fighting. The ghost ram into each other and one is sent flying out of the circle towards Zavala. It hits him in the face and Zavala looks at the guardians and continues with his business.

  6. I highly doubt destiny will ever have a highly competitive PvP, I don't know if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure bungie themselves confirmed that

  7. Warframe Railjacks
    Warframe clan dojos
    Trials and glory playlist
    Going black to black armory alright
    Just go to youtube
    Ok this one's kinda good
    We have free games to test aiming but yes it would be good
    Yes, let's limit the buildcrafting of our guardians further by stacking weapon bans on top of a champion ridden environment
    Alright let's just go back year destiny 1 or year 1-2 destiny 2

  8. I wish bungie would listen to ideas like these. This would make destiny so much better. I would also like to try out the fallen and cabal playable characters

  9. Imagine in a new dlc you go to run a strike and 1/4 the way through the strike you come to your ship and the rest of the strike is SPACE COMBAT.

  10. nah we need whole new game with those features cuz destiny 2 is slowly falling on its knees

  11. I would love a apartment/sleeping quarters like area where we can customize. For example we could hang up some of our exotic armor and weapons you could also customize the wall material and change the layout of your quarters. Also you could have a hanger area aswell where you could also customize your ship not just the outside but also the inside. And maybe just maybe could also have a pet in your sleeping quarters like a cat or a rabbit or something like that.

    With the living quarters you could also have a mirror and when you approach it you could change your appearance. Just like you can in Cyberpunk.

    I also think that there could be more roleplay settings/mechanics. For example a cinematic mode/camera.

    I would love if the customization of our characters was revamped. It would be awesome if we could completely customize our character to our liking. For example customising our eye shape , cheek shape , chin and head shape. Also please for the love of God add new hairstyles. The customization would be similar to Black Desert.

    I would also love it if we coukd also customize our armor in a way that allows us to have two type of arm and leg armor.

  12. the thing that will make destiny such a good game will be to lower dlc prizes for 10$ or lower cause its just sometimes pay to win

  13. Yep, destiny developers need to realise that it’s time to do something new, stop releasing copy pasted generic content and do something completely new. It’s been over 7 years, change the game already.

  14. To the first two points I would like people to look at Warframe, to see how lackluster they will more likely end up as if brought in.

  15. All agreed but also that fallen Idea at the start we do have the house of light in the city and Lucent Hive that we could potentially play as as well so next up may even be cabal now personally hive knight titan 100% my plan if they let us

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