The Last of Us: Part 1 – PS5 Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

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The original Last of Us, “rebuilt from the ground up,” comes to PS5 and PC in Fall 2022

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  1. Another lazy, unwanted regurgitation of a game that's barely a decade old.

    Thank you Naughty Dog and Sony, very cool.

  2. Bloodborne still runs at 2 frames per second
    Sony: ah yes, lets remake a game that already looks fine on current gen

  3. Consider this, if it comes to PC on Steam, Steam deck is looking real nice for the LOU on the go !

  4. TLOU2 was such a huge success that they had to go the remake route just two years later instead of developing TLOU3. So much success that it basically killed the franchise's future.

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