Destiny 2

The new Destiny 2 dungeon goes kinda hard

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Caiatl stepped on me

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  1. Zanny new for honor update Shao and conq rework out when we seeing that they both insane conquerer is broken

  2. Honestly the rush when you get Caital down to that last dps after, for one reason or another, ringing the bell like 6 or 7 times

  3. love to see Zanny getting scared by someone on the call screaming and saying dont scream bro but then he absolutly loses his shit sometimes and the editor even had to lower the volume for the video lmao

  4. Zanny has officially become a Destiny 2 player. Not only did he play with Sweat, now he plays with Chadztacross and Sir D.

  5. Help. I deleted all of my playthroughs for Destiny 2 because my power was reset for some reason and I was weak. It took a lot of strength to do it because I had exotics and a masterworked ghost. Which was actually my first time getting a masterworked item. I had only a few exotics like 2 pieces of armor, a helmet and a chestplate and then a primary weapon I think. Now I've restarted my journey as a Warlock and then after I finish warlock I'll go on with Hunter and Titan. I don't have much glimmer and I need to buy all the abilities for Void and Solar which would cost a ton, so anybody got ideas for where I can get glimmer quick? I also need just a short list of some of the really good hand cannons and sidearms so I can look out for them.

  6. Hey does anyone know how to fix nightingale error? i'm new and so far i really enjoyed this game but this error is annoying me

  7. It took youtube over a year to tell me about this channel. Don't worry youtube, you only had hundreds of views with multiple videos being rewatched to guess that I like zanny.

  8. I played borderlands 3 for like 60+ hours in the past 4 days instead of destiny 2 for once, and I must say that I had more fun in that game than I had in destiny in a while, maybe zanny should try it.

  9. I have a friend who's actually named Ronin, and I can confirm that everyone who knows him thinks he has a katana

    Because he does

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