triangle strategy

Triangle Strategy goes Metal – Battle Theme (Combat Valor)

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🎸 Gear :
-Bass : Dingwall NG2 + NeuralDSP Parallax
-Lead Guitar : Sterling by Musicman JP100
-Rythm guitar : Ibanez TAM-10
-Acoustic guitar : Alvarez Baritone ABT60E
-Guitar plugin : Archetype Nolly & Plini
-Drums : Getgood Drums
-Camera : Canon EOS 600D

🎹 Composed by : Akira Senju
🎼 Arranged and Performed by : Husky by the Geek


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  1. Ok this was pretty nice! I wasn’t expecting this. I never heard of this game until friend started playing it about roughly almost a month back. I have no clue what the battle theme sounds like. This is my first hearing of it and if you’re playing it like this then I’m positive the original is pretty nice. Excellent work as always.


    just finished my first playthrough last night. Always hype for a husky remix!

  3. Could you possibly do the octopath traveler main theme or like a battle theme would be neat too just a request

    I helped translate Triangle Strategy into Italian and I'm a fan of your FFXIV arrangements… Imagine my joy when I saw this theme played by you! <3

  5. Damn it Husky now I can't unhear this every time I play the game and that theme comes up lol

    I've been playing through the game and I really love this theme. So happy you've covered this theme!

  7. If it's not a bother to you Husky, but could you do a cover of Volo's theme from Pokemon Legends Arceus?

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