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TW Plays Triangle Strategy #14 – Don't Call Him Narf

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“Poit” and “Zort” are also off the table, thank you very much.

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Utility, morality, or liberty, which one means the most to you? Triangle Strategy on Nintendo Switch is a game where every decision you make will affects the world around you. In Square Enix’s newest HD-2D you’ll play as Serenoa and lead a group of warriors to control resources. Are you ready to determine the fate of the continent of Norzelia?

Three nations battle for control over the realm of Norzelia in Square Enix’s newest HD-2D adventure.

Command a group of warriors as Serenoa, heir of House Wolffort, in a tangled plot where your decisions make all the difference. Key choices you make will influence the story and outcome of this grand conflict. When faced with truly momentous decisions, your advisors will weigh in by casting their votes on the Scales of Conviction. Persuade them before their vote is cast to help forge you own path ahead. Remember, your allies and decisions can change the fate of Norzelia itself.

Control multi-tiered battlefields to strategically secure victory
Finding the best location in turn-based battles can tip the tide of combat in your favor. Position units on higher ground to take control of the battlefield and gain the advantage. You can also flank enemies on both sides, then strike from behind for a powerful follow-up attack. Elemental chain reactions are also an important part of combat. For example, use fire to melt icy terrain, then use lightning to electrocute it. See sparks fly in stunning HD-2D visuals as you shock any opponents sanding in the water!

Bolster your convictions and discover multiple paths through the story
Each decision you make will bolster one of three convictions—Utility, Morality, or Liberty—which together make up Serenoa’s worldview and influence who will join you and lend their talents to your army. Each party member has a range of distinct skills, so consider which convictions might attract certain characters. Play through the game multiple times to see how other choices impact the adventure.


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