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Vanguard XP is BROKEN… AGAIN! (DO THIS NOW) | FAST Chain of Command SOLO – Destiny 2 Season 17

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Alright ladies and gentlemen in this video we’re going to be taking a look at the Best Way Method to get Vanguard XP/Ranks/Reputation Fast! This Best XP Farm is going to get you almost 1,000 XP per Nightfall as a SOLO Player in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted. There is currently Double XP in Destiny 2 Season 17 for Zavala aka Strikes so Ranking Up is Fast and Easy. I am going to show you How To Get Chain of Command and the Ornament. This method is also one of the Best Way to Rank Up Vanguard, Get Exotics, Enhancement Prisms, and of course the New Pursuit Weapon. Take advantage of this to get Chain of Command Fast Easy and Solo in around an hour. Enjoy the Best Way to Rank Up in Destiny 2 2022!

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  1. blade barrage with star eaters x8 + radiant will one shot the boss at this level. Just don't die or let someone pull you forward or you'll lose your star eater stacks.

  2. How do you get hatemail for speed running nightfalls? I got
    Called so many names and to top it off! The player told me he was trying to get 100k like my guy you can’t match make and get 100k when it’s double vanguard! Everyone is trying to speed run hero nightfalls 🤦‍♂️

  3. Today I had some glitch or my random teammates cheesed it…
    When going to the final room there were no enemies and the Servitor was there right away. After killing it a chest spawned and I think I got material rewards (not sure, didn't pay much attention). There was no "back to orbit timer" tho and we wiped and could play the final encounter again, this time properly.

  4. Did this all week, got bunch of great legendaries and the new ritual done, I even fully ranked up all my opulent weapons for the hell of it

  5. You should probably tell people that if you cap the mines before killing the champs, they will despawn and you will NOT get platinum

  6. Wops I accidentally played too much crucible and trials I accidentally ranked twice…. Now I have the ornament.

  7. If you got gjally that's all you need. I haven't used a single champ mod, 2 taps all disruptor, 1 taps barriers, and takes about 4 for unstoppable, that's without the dmg boost you can get from the charged with light mod for rockets even. I blow through everything.

  8. Wasnt sure if you mnetioned it, but resetting your rank in ANY vendor, will grant MULTIPLE PERKS for those playlist weapons. SOO FARM REP AND RESET

  9. i've currently have been getting about 1,000 to 1,100 xp per run on legend (That's also with max streak of course) and because the nightfall is so easy me and a buddy of mine have been 2 man it. So in about i want to say 15 or maybe a bit less you could be a max and ready for a reset.

  10. used to help catchup level alts after 1st reset with main. One reset for each character got each alt to 1560 base. The vangard extra perk rolls just icing on cake…Strident Whistle Solar bow with incandescent and Archers temp… love.

  11. This isn’t a bug or broken. Nightfalls have been giving this kind of xp on double vanguard weeks since they reworked the reputation systems.

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