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Is It Over For WoW? | Asmongold Reacts to Nixxiom

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Asmongold Reacts to “Father, is it Over?” – The Final Stand of World of Warcraft, by Nixxiom, discussing the decline of Blizzard’s most known game.

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  1. Imagine criticizing blizzard for making pay to win games while you have shitty game ads in you video. How is he any different than blizzard. Especially when wow made him popular. Like dont come to tell me how above it all you are while you sell your soul for money also…

  2. Every single expansion has been released in an aritifically shit state since legion, dragonflight is in a rushed release – hasn't shown much "completed" work (two talent trees aand a guild wars 2 mount) – there is absolutely no way dragonflight releases in a good state.

  3. The game is dead! It's going downhill! The only players that are left are retail! With the social contract you have to sign! Who wants that?! The game had a lot of issues before BC however the game was solid! Every game going to have its own set of issues, nothing prefect! The game has changed too much for me to keep paying a fee and im referring to when they released BC! Why invest in a gaming company that could careless about it base?! It's just a money grab at this point until it dies!

  4. If Dragonflight does not end up being a massive hit, I would make one more expansion about the Void Lords and be done with it.

  5. WoW was over when they dumbed down the ability trees, normalized pvp and made every new expansion a tunnel-vision slog through childish quest lines. They basically took all the Craft out of Warcraft. It's so boring now.

  6. I recently played WOW again after about a six month break. I could only play for about a week before quitting again. Shadowlands content is exactly the same. It's a constant grind just keep even one toon geared. I like to play several characters, which is out of the question for the content. RIP WOW.

  7. what I wish for is blizzard would make a physical copy of games of the pet battles game and bring to the Nintendo switch and the west and make offline to miss doing they pet battles in World of Warcraft before that game become so much toxic for me so we have Pokemon vs digmon vs tem tem vs world of warcraft pet battle game hell yeah I would be all for it Nintendo switch needs more Pokemon like games that would be great game to come to the Nintendo switch for sure and wow pet battle Pokemon game 🤪😜😎PS but in saying that only wishful thinking 🤔 if ok to ask asmongold what is better Pokemon digmon tem tem or world of warcraft pet battle plz let me know plz do like my thinking 🤔 if don't comes to the Nintendo switch it will be sad just what you mind set on this if you like it or not 🤔 I so love my pet battles games that I move on to when vs players some would not be nice to Mr tiny bit would got sick of no matter PvP or pet battleing ING in wow I would get called names like bot cheater or hacker got so sick of it miss at times but hopefully they will bring it to the Nintendo switch and plz asmongold plz tell blizzard to make wow pet battles games for the Nintendo switch

  8. Am I the only one that find it kind of weird that the guy shit on immortal for being p2w, and his sponsor is a fucking mobile game

  9. With wow I think less is more at this stage. I think they should do no marketing on features and just release it to people, so they are blind. Discovery is what makes things cool. Think about who you'd ask in global were so and so is, or where do you find the what's it vendor etc.. Brings back communication.

  10. Classic plus is obviously coming. What happened with RuneLite? more people play that than retail Runescape, Blizzard would be literally committing suicide if they ignore that.

  11. Of course wow isnt dead. They're in the process of making the mobile version world of money, erhm! I meant world of money!!! damnit.

  12. for me dragonflight inn this moments looks boring, feels boring, looks like lack of content, specialy after shadowlands and blizzard curently state i think expansion will be 6/10 as maximum. The add-on will get the lowest sales and online will die in 2 weeks.

  13. Yup, once I beat LK on heroic I had completed wow. The story ended there for me. Only legion peeked my interest after that, but that's it. Lore was gone..

  14. Interesting perspective. I dont think that wow will die out if Dragonflight isn't the bomb. People play other games and complain but hope is a funny thing. Nostalgia is strong.

  15. yea~ with classic WoW i thin kthey finaly reached players more enjoyable moments, maybe a nother that yall love but they should be heading for a oldschool runescape mode now and start doing qol and quality improvements to player enjoyment with that game that arnt originaly in the vanilla contents and thne start developing unique content for it idk

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