What Could Hideo Kojima's Xbox Game Be About?

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The fact of the matter is a creative and strategic alignment between Kojima Productions and Xbox has been on the cards for a while. A rumour this colossal could only ever turn out true, so when Hideo appeared on-screen during the recent Xbox Games Showcase to formally announce the partnership, there weren’t too many raised eyebrows in the industry. Instead, the main line of intrigue stemming from this announcement centers on the game they’re going to produce together.

Details are scant, but Hideo himself states he’ll be making a game he’s “always wanted to make,” and that the two creative behemoths are in the early stages of a brand-new concept, a completely new game that “no one has ever experienced or seen before.”


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  1. Asking what goes on in the mind of Hideo-san is like asking what does an angel dream?How can we hope to know? Could we even fathom the knowing?

  2. Instead of USPS mail delivery, it will be based on a future Amazon warehouse, in which you'll be forced to work while having every second of your movements tracked and your mission to escape to a better job

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if this IS the project Norman Reedus was really talking about… I just know Phil Spencer's ways and taking jabs at Sony, so this WILL either be Xbox's PT, or Xbox taking the Death Stranding IP to the next level… I also think we have to envision something Next Next Gen, and maybe something for the next Xbox console and PC

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