10 Things You Need to Know | Season One | Battlefield 2042

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DICE has revealed a lot of info about Battlefield 2042 – Season One. These are the top 10 things you need to know!

00:00 – Zesty Gameplay Intro
00:44 – Intro
00:55 – Promised One Year of Support
01:34 – Specialist Changes
02:14 – New Map & Map Changes
03:01 – Portal Weapons
03:24 – Weekly Missions will Stay
03:50 – Hazard Zone is Dead
04:20 – Player Count Changes
04:59 – UI Changes
05:32 – System Performance
05:55 – Battle Pass & Content
06:39 – No One Cares

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  1. DICE needs to give us a huge surprise update instead of more hollow promises that may get swept away in the shitstorm that was this game's launch. I'm still shocked EA didn't get sued for false advertising with how early they pushed this game onto the shelves.

  2. Game should a have a like quick flash sale for 24 hours for $5 get some players without making essentially on f2p

  3. This game and everyone involved with it is so pathetic. As long as it's a hero shooter DICE can bite my glorious golden ass. 🖕🎲 BOYCOTT EA

  4. I wish that they'd allow one to select squads to join instead of a right click on the name and one's randomly plonked into another squad.

  5. Ngl bf2042 isn’t a bad game for me at least, I get a lot fun out of it. ( you can bully me for liking the game in the comments it’s fine 🙂 )

  6. New RUNNING animations 🤣
    They look like the running animations of every other bf game.
    My god this franchise is dead

  7. Don't be mistaken, the reason they're communicating is because they want people hopping on to buy microtransactions

  8. This is WAYY too slow. 1 reworked map per season? They should have 4 maps per season and all the maps reworked by season 1!!!! Is there a skelington crew at DICE right now?

  9. Great video man! I agree with your final assessment. While I'm looking forward to the changes, its just way too little way too late. Those map changes literally just look like they are finishing the maps from an incomplete state. 1 new map and 1 map rework for what will be possibly 9-10 months post-launch until Season 2 is just not nearly enough. MW2 is going to be the nail in the coffin on 2042.

  10. If MWII even launches remotely close to as well as MW 2019, I don't see a chance for 2042 to survive player-count wise into 2023. They've already lost 95%+ of their players (including some BF Youtubers like AKA-ART) and the game still is nowhere near complete or resembling a BF title. I'm looking forward to MWII and I'm sure a lot of 2042 buyers will move to that even if they aren't huge COD fans just for the sake of getting a solid AAA shooter set in the modern day again.

  11. DICE is going to dump 2042 after year one, the lack of content and poor map design means that 4 new maps won't keep players around for very long especially if there's no server browser to find a map you like

  12. I don’t blame people for not caring. There is to much promises for such a large amount of time before those promises are met. Might as well stop playing till then.

  13. Given gaming nowadays, mw2 literally just needs hits to register, the game not to crash and frames to be decent for it to be considered a masterpiece.

    I’ve not once played a cod game, the way it plays does not interest me in the slightest, but it just might become the only functional fps that isn’t a damn battle royale that’s made by a AAA studio

  14. Hope they can turn this game around, but I'm not optimistic. Will still give it chance though.

  15. Great decision by DICE to deliver communication. Only time will tell if they deliver on content. Great vid!

  16. Portal maps will also join AOW. Since no one has ever played Portal these maps are also brand new maps.

  17. It would be awesome if it was at launch or at a beta tested, now mw2 is at the horizon to shudder any hope that 2042 would make a recovery

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