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8 Amazing Details You Didn't Know About #12 (Red Dead Redemption 2)

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A list of 8 incredible details you probably missed or didn’t know about in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2.

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  1. I honestly think that Strange Man is a Rockstar developer whose job is to put the details on the game that he have worked on but nobody notices them xD

  2. for everyone here who has played rdr1 have you ever seen or heared a german cowboy? if you have then that's my dad 🙂

  3. I knew about the translucent ears. My character in RDO has very protruding ears, making it incredibly obvious.

    I love watching these videos. I learn a lot from them.

  4. When arthur tries to pat named horses, they seem to walk away. It doesn't happen to temp horses that may be in camp. Weird unless it's just me.

  5. I also watched not long ago the exact same interview and the thing with the ears was also mentioned there (I think if I don't mistake it for another video I've seen in the same day but anyway). So I wanted to say that the conversation about Colm's name surprises me and the whole way they've made it is so interesting and funny because Rodger really wanted to be Colom (Colem?) and was frustrated about that, so I guess they made that as some kind of middle ground which is nice gesture as well! I like that point in the video, great found by your side! I am constantly staying with open ears in the camp and somehow missed that (if it is before the mission where they rob Bronte)

  6. People in this game are strong af. They just pick up a 50-80 kg body, and toss it over their shoulders like it's nothing at all! Never skipped a legday

  7. Another place the 0451 code shows up is in Fallout 4 in a bunker where you get a unique revolver that adds fire damage.

  8. This game is just so ahead of its time, even years later people still find new things, not like the open world garbage that comes out now days.

  9. I hope one day you are recognized by R* for your meticulous and dedicated research into this masterpiece game!

  10. Does anyone know why I hear a man crying out in death, like he's being burned, when I ride past the O in Bayou ? Or is my game being a lil glitch …? Especially in the evenings. I see no Xs on the map or signs of fire. I just hear him die.

  11. This series has run it's course and needs to stop.
    These aren't "amazing details" showing Rockstar's attention to detail. These are just interesting story and plot points.

  12. i swear to god, any new RDR2 video that gets posted always has at least someone saying “after all these years, we’re still finding new details”.

  13. If you have long rifles on your back and carry a deer or large animal on your shoulder it pushes the rifles down lower on your back.

  14. The lawmen taking the bodies has screwed me a couple times in the past, I was doing the mission where you rescue Kerian while I had a pretty large bounty, got to the missions end and prepared myself for the 15 minutes of looting bodies when suddenly I was being hunted by bounty hunters, I rode off into the forest and watched through my binoculars as they one by one hauled off the bodies as well as all the unclaimed loot 🤣😭

  15. I've just started playing again but this time I am going through everything thoroughly. The mission where you have to steal the stage coach & but you sneak into the house first & rob it, only just realised that there was money in the chimney, $150 worth! Checking every chimney going forward from now on!

  16. Bro, insane editing right at the end. Looked amazing! Great job, I love watching your work.

  17. Did you ever mention that if you set up a camp near the skinner territory they will accually come to you and threaten you to leave

  18. Interesting…
    Did you know that there are x2 kind of fancy ways to holster your pistol?
    First is the normal way/speed and the second is if you hold L2 during the spinning animation it speeds up doing so.
    Applies for machetes, swords and junk too
    I have too much fun memories doing it throughout my playthroughs

  19. You know what I love so much about this game, and why I love these videos? It’s not just the meticulous, unparalleled attention to detail, or my serious doubt that we’ll ever see even Rockstar pull off such an artistic achievement in gaming ever again. It’s the fact that we are playing Arthur of all the possible characters in the game. What I mean is, when you next watch good western or gangster movie, pay attention to the henchmen around the main characters. The hero will often have a ragtag collection of eclectic personalities about him, whereas the bad guy will have the usual sneering heavies. The best movies are the ones where the villain’s gang are as weird and interesting as the villain, like in True Grit, The Long Goodbye (the Eliot Gould one) and others. So, why I love Red Dead is because Arthur is just, “the second henchman to the left,” so to speak. He’s not the main character of the story that will be told of the Vanderlind Gang, the O’Driscol’s, or of the, “hero,” law enforcers who hunted them. He’s meant to be the muscle; the heavy who gets three lines in a normal western and usually gets barely noticed when he’s killed off in the second reel, or when the heroes are wiping out the whole gang in the final act. I love how this story challenges the stereotype by leaning so heavily into it. If, like me, you have ever speculated about a bit part player and wondered if they have a family and friends that might miss them when the hero casually despatches them with a one liner, this is the story for you. Second henchman to the left, a life explored. Just wonderful. And it’s wonderful that you notice and care about all these tiny details that make his world such a rich place.

  20. Oh, you're not going to say why 451 is used as a code or easter egg in LOADS of games? Gotcha

  21. I don't know if you have covered this already but there was a cave in in a mine and there's this grave north of copper head and its right next to the railroad tracks right where the border between lemone and new Hanover is

  22. javiers throat scar is probably from a rope not a knife, he was mostly likely at the end of rope and was saved last min , giving him more of reason to have a big wanted bounty in mexico

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