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Definitely this clip will piss some of y'all… 😂 (Elden Ring)

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Definitely this clip will piss some of y’all… 😂 (Elden Ring)

New Elden Ring campaign seems amazing, i believe that the game launch will be BREATHTAKING!
Elden Ring, welcome to Top Elden Ring Best & Funny Moments. Elden Ring BEST MOMENTS & OUTPLAYS – Elden Ring FUNNY Moments & Highlights Montage
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  1. What confuses me is how low health he has. How do you even beat this game with low vigor, especially with how much damage everything does.

  2. I have never died so much in Elden ring than dying in that chain in everyway of possibilities to die from it, from glitched to the side to sudden camera movement

  3. Sometimes when I play Elden Ring I feel like Miyazaki still can't decide whether he wants to make a Souls game, or Crash Bandicoot

  4. If this is his first time up there….please don’t say you’re ready. You aren’t, none of us ever will be….

  5. It's called just take your finger off the damn stick dude and get off ya horse.

    Torrent is spacially challenged at the best of time. He also has a fetish for leaping to his doom.

  6. I saw a clip of someone falling there, so when i beat the giant i went as slow as i could.
    I have beaten the game 5 times and never fell.

  7. “So you’re telling me, after felling the last living fire giant and defeating most of the demigods, that Tarnished just… fell off the forge and died?”

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