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Destiny 2 Lore – The Lore of the Duality Dungeon! The Calus Mind Heist! Season of the Haunted!

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Go and support our Charity marathon: Destiny 2’s Lore and Story surrounding the Duality Dungeon tells us about the Mind Heist that Eris undertook in Calus’s Mind! The Season of the Haunted sees us facing our nightmares, the Duality Dungeon sees us facing Calus’s greatest shames and darkest secrets to discover his darkest ambition!

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  1. Great video again Byf! I think the sound is bugged for most of the gameplay because is comes in very quiet.

  2. The audio difference between Byf speaking and the cuts to in game audio are awful. Such a drastic change in volume

  3. Bruh. I had to watch Evade's video on this. You go on monologuing for the longest time and take too long man, sorry. I get why you do it but fuck man….

  4. Can you do a recap of arrivals through hunt? There a gap in your recap videos and it’s killing me!

  5. I got a feeling calus will be the main enemy of the light fall expansion, it would all lead up nicely if u ask me

  6. May I just say I love watching your lore videos, but I'd like to point out that lately your volume balance seems a lot off, and I mean the balance between when your talking and when your letting lore or audio play from the game. I always find that when you speak the volume is fine, but I have to turn up the volume quite a bit when you let audio from the game play, then when you talk again your voice becomes booming and loud and I have to turn it down again. I would have loved this video more as I love dialog from Calus if I didn't have to adjust my volume 16 times to hear it and then hear you.

  7. Hey man love the videos! I always listen from my car on my way to and from work been listening for years now! Just so you do know the audio clips from the actual dungeon were a little quiet this time. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional just letting you know! 🙂

  8. Pretty obvious Calus wanted a perfect world just like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy, but the problem between those two characters they want everything to be perfect but they don't think about the consequences.. sometimes to have the perfect world the risks are too high after all that's what happy said in season 2 of the Mayans the only reason they didn't follow through with Jax teller's plans because the risk were too high. Everybody wants the last City to be perfect they want the darkness to be gone but at the end of it all when we have that moment to fix everything the risk might be too high because after all four good to coexist you have to have evil it goes back to the concept of Yin and Yang balance

  9. The day I collected all of his memories is the day I got the heartshadow❤ I even got the catalyst

  10. Interesting decision to have the audio clips play at 1/10 of your speaking voice volume. How long have you been making videos?

  11. Just wanted to draw attention to one of the first lore quotes: …"If violence carved us into the SHAPE of what we are now, then so shall violence be that SHAPE'S undoing" (emphasis mine).

  12. So.. we kill calus’ nightmares.. but why? Why kill the bad guy’s nightmares? Don’t we WANT him to be reminded of his past, as to keep him from his destructive future?

  13. Byf you might want to edit the audio mixing and rerelease the video. The in-game dialogue is almost inaudible compared to your recorded voice lines. Anytime you play audio logs from the dungeon I have to crank up the volume just to turn it back down when you start speaking again.

  14. Love your videos but man are they hard to hear. I listen to lots of videos while I'm working and they are all able to be heard just fine except yours even with volume to max. There is ambient noises where I work and headphones aren't allowed.

  15. When I listen with headphones and an ad plays it scars the crap out of me. Can you fix audio please?

  16. Based off of the Unveiling book, it actually makes sense for the Witness to want the end of both Light and Dark. According to the book, the Darkness as a paracausal force was only created by the Winnower as a response to the Gardener creating the Light. Assuming the Winnower and the Witness are the same, or at least that their goals are aligned, it makes sense that the Witness would want to exterminate all paracausality from the universe to allow The Final Shape to take form uninterrupted

  17. Brutus (manipulated by Cassius) becomes the main conspirator to take down Julius Caesar. Julius was a conqueror but also very generous and that was viewed as dangerous. The conspirators took their chance while they had it. This is Calus.

  18. I’ve watched all of your videos and at one point I noticed that the game audio that you play has become significantly quieter than your speaking audio. To the point where I need to turn up my volume quite a bit to hear it. Just thought you may want to know so you can work on that balance

  19. I think our biggest takeaway from this dungeon is that if you become a disciple of the Witness, you get access to unlimited epoxy resin crafts.

  20. Calus describing the witness' plan for the universe as "a closing of the circle" really lends itself to the idea that the destiny universe is (according to the witness) just a big battle royale. Calus reserving the right to be the last clearly shows that he wants the victory royale

  21. I hope they kinda are drawing inspiration, with the Cabal as a whole, from Warhammer40K in terms of how they handle Loyalists and "Heretics".
    They really could bring in some influence maybe design future Heretic Cabal soldiers where you see how they changed from following the witness and Calus instead of Caiatl.
    It probably is just wishfull thinking but i hope they do.

  22. Let’s ask the real question. We were involved in that ritual at the start of season. So what could possibly scare the guardian?

  23. Has anyone ever mentioned you're videos are really quiet compared to others? I have to double my volume to hear your videos compared to just about anything else. Maybe just me or your voice's octave, but wanted to mention it.

  24. There is an interesting connective story thread going on here:
    In the Altar of Reflection, during the "Two Truths, Two Lies" of the Catalyst variant, Savathun tells us that "the Witness seeks the Final Shape, and the Final Shape is… Nothing."
    The Prophecy Wall tells us that the "Witness will commune with the Traveller, and drink the Light".
    And now Calus is telling us that the Witness sees beyond Light and Dark.

    So I'm thinking Lightfall will see the Pyramid Fleet return and the Witness, an ascendant being who has mastery over darkness, will defeat the Traveler and absorb the Light, becoming a master of both Paracausal forces.

  25. Could you rebalance the audio a bit better for this video and future videos. You are significantly louder than the npc lines. Either I am blasted by your your voice or I can’t hear eris or calus.

  26. Idk he still my favorite. Yeah he's a shithead for killing his daughters dog but a lot of ppls parents have done worse.. he still better than the US government who also believes death is to be trodden on.. look into the University experiments done in the last 75 years… he wanted better for his ppl and strove to achieve that. Yeah he had to be an absent father to do that but it's obvious he loved his daughter. And maybe we ARE pawns of the traveler. Not like that cares for us at all.. the thing was about to leave us during the collapse.. we use to speculate it was Rasputin who shot it down.. it may have been savathun as we all have just learned.. the traveler left the eliksni to die when the darkness came for them.. so those of you who think the traveler is still good and darkness is bad gtfo.. like Savathun trying to escape the game and make it into the parent universe maybe that's what calus is trying trying do with the final shape. Much too early to dub anyone evil against the travelers own actions.. that thing doesn't care either or else it'd have denied us use of the light when we willingly chose stasis.. and will willingly choose the next darkness subclass. Maybe the traveler is supposed to lose. Like Saladin says "what if the traveler isn't what we thought it was" just saying. Let nothing be concrete in your minds as of now

  27. If your gonna use in game audio. Turn the volume up. It's so low then your voice is ear popping loud

  28. Hey man, really great video. I'm not confident enough with hopping into a dungeon yet, so I'm glad to get the lore behind it.
    Also, thanks for supporting St. Jude's. I regret that I missed the live stream, but thank you very much for doing this on their behalf.

  29. I would be interested in you making a video about the “Am I To Cast A Shadow” lore page, because I have no idea who the arkborn are, nor really who the shadows are. New light here. Sounds fascinating though. Had no idea the Cabal had a lot of depth to their lore.

  30. Please do something about the E audio levels. It’s impossible to listen without having to constantly change the volume. I can’t understand what Calus is saying.

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