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Destiny 2 OOB: The HELM, but in Space

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A slightly updated breach, and very updated skybox 😀

With the current rez system changes you roughly spawn where you died, and the death exclusions zone from my Rez Breach Perfected video seems to be globally set to 0. Great for rez breaches, though bad for soft locks…

Other than that, the outside looks fairly different, and with some of the lighting changes, you can see an old location that I hadn’t been able to confirm still exists before…

0:00 Intro
0:10 The Breach
1:00 The View Outside
1:30 The Awoken Wing
2:52 The Formerly Elliksni Wing
3:52 Mara Sov’s Quarters from Afar

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  1. I think this has been patched bc I was doing everything u did in the vid and I still kept on spawing inside of the stupid tight space. I jus couldn;t get outside. Howver I could see the outside when i was wating to respawn but this is not good enough for me.

  2. I actually hate how the new revive system works. Been praying since season launch that it's just a bug.

  3. You can get out of the tribute hall in the dungeon. At the beginning, climb the egregore flowers and mud to get pu top of the big far door. Thee head to the right side of it, go up top of the wall, and there are plenty of holes.

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