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Dying Light 2 New Community Event – New Weapons, New Bounties & Outfit | 2022

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Dying Light 2 just got a new community event & in this video i am going to tell you everything you need to know about the event.

Redeem the outfit – https://techlandgg.com/events/bloody-summer

” Remember you can only redeem this outfit when the community has reached its 3 million goal ”

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  1. Im just waiting til this game becomes good il be waiting for a long time but it wil be worth it

  2. The new outfit is really nice but you can't equip it as a skin! It's like the previous bundles in the store, level 6 and unusable. 😑

  3. I'm over here trying play NMS, KOTOR 2, dying light 2, and pokemon at the same time..

    I'm not sure if I need to travel to New planets to tame more pokemon and build pokemon centers, or if I have to choose between the light and dark side of the force as I parkour my way through the zombie apocalypse.

  4. They spent years making this game and then they give us this shitty ass "content" The first dying light was way better..

  5. Mr.ali I ain't getting harper tokens when I sever limbs am I miss understanding something or is my event broken more than that tv in the first game

  6. So techlandgg isnt opening for me at all everytime on all my devices say “504 gateway time-out” idk wtf that means but i guess its broki

  7. Its Terrible I have more powerful weapons than that and the outfit is level 6 its not worth it at all

  8. I can't put my e-mail in the website, it says I need to confirm, but there's no email sent for confirmation

  9. Unfortunately the axe model is not new, it is just recycled, I have had this exact same axe in my inventory practically since launch.

  10. Techland should make this a full set outfit like the Ronin, authority outfit. I noticed you can't override your gear. Instead you have to equip the pieces individually like before and you can't use it as an outfit… Cool outfit though…

  11. Uh guys I have a problem,I redeemed the skin and went into the game and gave me 4/6 pieces to me,I quit and reloaded the game (GeForce now player)and I can't get the skin back because it's says it's already been redeemed on the site,do I need to contact techland for this?

  12. Trash event and terrible "outfit" that's in reality shitty gear, this was slapped together in 2 min why is this even a thing? Lmao

  13. we need game improvements not content this is going to create problems with every update
    we need a serious health patch not content coming from someone that's been playing the game from 7 years ago anyone should know this and I know one thing for sure Ali you know to the game needs to be fixed more than it needs content I'm sorry it just needs to happen for the sake of the game condition and for the coming years

  14. Bruh Ali what are you saying? It's not even an outfit it's a s*** level 6 gear and it's rare level I'm saying it's not worth it people if you see this comment don't try to get this AKA outfit AKA the worst gear set in all of dying light 2

  15. Best gamer Ali will mission rewards ever get level scaling. I'm level 9 and keep getting level 4 rewards:(

  16. Yeah, soooo the community's already reached the goal, Day 1, so I think Techland needs to maybe increase the goal next time XD

  17. Cool Event but i don't like that you only get the Outfit when you claim it on their Website. They should just add it to the stash once the Event is over or the goal has been reached. And the other rewards are also just added to the stash so why not the Outfit? I don't get it.

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