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Easy Method For Harper's Regular Mission In Dying Light 2

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In this video, I show you an easy way to complete the Regular Mission for Harper if you are having difficulties with it in Dying Light 2.


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⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 – Intro
0:07 – Helpful Items
0:55 – Before You Start
1:32 – Mission Guide
3:33 – Outro


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  1. I've tried this mission only a couple of times. I thank you for showing me where I was going wrong by trying to kill every zombie and wondering why I was not achieving the goal to clear the infected when I thought I was. I'll follow your game plan and see how it works for me

  2. I love your vids! My question. Is there a way to get scrap super easy? Dupe or farm that works in latest patch?

  3. Is there still any dupe glitches in this game, after getting to the end game grinding for meds has been tedious.

  4. what i do when i get to the part of the demolisher is I use saw blades. It 2 shots the demolisher

  5. Just use maxed out toughness booster.
    And by the way… Why on the earth you want to do regular Harper's missions?
    I love your videos but this is kinda… well… it's "You waste more resources then you get" kind.

  6. I swear people who did the upgrade glitch, have the broom and doom shotgun, they will be gods to the newer players that join this game later on

  7. Wait what???? When did they lift the cap on how much scrap you can carry? That was one of the reasons i stopped playing this game was because of all the caps on item quantity. Not the only reason though, theres many ma y reasons why i stopped playing and went back to dying light 1 😂. Its a beautiful game but i just prefer the original

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