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Did I win? Idk guess you better watch. I’m not gonna tell you here

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  1. maybe if you dont spend 8 hours to beat 1 level… we would have more n64 videos each week! 😉

  2. I think the camera is perfect like that, glad to see your all set up down under! I hope the coming months make up for what you had to miss out on

  3. It was really telling how much positivity you showed when beginning this challenge and saying "we have the entire 8 hr stream" then seeing just the 2nd level taking over 8 hrs alone and the utter agony and relief after finally finishing! Punishment for such little reward! Ha! Do u really get a ps5? Please say u do! 🤣

  4. I watched the whole vod and it was great, but really I'm disappointed in this clickbait game

  5. Nine and a half hours on that second level? Lol that's insane. I don't know how you do that. Good job!

    Couple questions. If you answered them in the video, my apologies because I must've missed it. 1) Was there a time limit on how long you had to beat them to win the PS5? If not, that's silly on Icculous' part because he should know you'd grind it until you succeeded. 2) What did you have to put up if you lost?

  6. feel like its been a super long time since the last 9hrs+ grind, im sad i wasnt able to watch it live (bcs of evil timezones) but i enjoyed the video and the performance !

  7. Was looking forward to this post after I missed the rest of the live stream. Thanks for the content and fun levels. Icculous curating level competitions have been a great viewer and level creator experience

  8. Yeah, I totally believe that AUS is overweight.
    Look at Chris Hemsworth, he's technically definitely overweight – muscles but overweight.

  9. Icculous is such a sick creator. His birthday stream level.. I’ve seen East get a level of his in supex I think. He’s crazy creative imo.
    GG and thank you for showing the full run at the end

  10. I liked the editing though the ending was kind of a spoiler since it started from the very beginning, it was obvious that it was "the run"

  11. With all the complexity these well made levels preyed upon the player, Thab breathed life into the expression "ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun!"

    The script is flipped; well done! 🔥

  12. If you spent $1,000,000 and 10 years to develop an invention then had some random person recreate it for $10 and an afternoon in a garage, would you be upset you lost all that time and money with no compensation? It would be in the name of "progress". (This is assuming you had to take out loans to borrow that money, and are still on the hook to repay the loan)

    Patents foster invention. Without a reward system, nothing gets done.

  13. If you get a professional to dye it your natural color, it will look natural. They do gradients like real hair. If you just dye it with what you buy at a store, it just makes it all one color. Although, i like the silver hair.

  14. how can he be so relaxed while playing these abominations? I think i woluld have multiple panic attacks.. that boom boom boss fight is just a crime against humanity

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