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My Experience with Triangle Strategy

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Sharing my thoughts on Triangle Strategy for the Nintendo Switch. I just beat this game the other day getting one of the four endings, so I figure now is the perfect time to talk about it. This is a tactical rpg that is very story heavy with some cutscenes lasting as long as 45 minutes before each battle, so if you are not into that I would say pass. However, I absolutely loved the story and look forward to eventually replaying it so that I can unlock all of the characters and see the different endings. I guess the haters just don’t like a good story. Thanks for watching, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below, and have a great day!

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  1. I like this game but I was annoyed when I couldn't figure out how to smuggle the salt for the lord from Hyzante when my party kept opting to report him.

  2. Here's my problem with these new games with retro graphics, why should I spend 80 bucks on a new game with old graphics when I can go to my local retro gaming store and buy an old game for 20 bucks and it's exactly the same game. Like for an example Final Fantasy tactics and ogre battle tactics for the psp is pretty much the same game as this but you can get it for way cheaper. Other then that this looks like a game I would love to play.

  3. Nice to hear it lived up to your expectations. Can the people die in it like in Fire Emblem? I played Elden Ring yesterday. I died a lot but I had fun.

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