Elder Ring

People are already playing ELDEN RING

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Elden Ring Trailer Music 00:00
People are playing Elden Ring right now 00:02
2 new classes revealed 00:07
Dark Souls and Elden Ring online issues 00:34

Praise Hidetaka Miyazaki, George RR Martin, FromSoftware and Geoff Keighley for giving us an Epic ELDEN RING Gameplay Trailer, Gameplay Preview and Story Trailer. Praise Zullie the Witch, BonfireVN for providing us Crazy information. Praise Vaatividya, Elden Ring News for bringing us Insightful Lore. Praise the Sun for keeping us Alive.

Elden Ring Release Date Countdown – 16 Days Remaining


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  1. Hand it over……
    That thing…..
    Your Elden Ring Copy…………

    For my PS4 if you have it on that console ;(

  2. You know you can print a cover of the game and put it on a ps5 case right? I don’t think that’s real tbh.

  3. I won't be playing it much sadly, some of my most important exams are happening at the same time 🙁

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