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Pyke Champion Overview | Gameplay – League of Legends: Wild Rift

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They’ll all be underwater soon.

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  1. I was planning on buying xayah because of her moves but I might just buy pyke first

  2. fix matchmaking!!!
    in diamond rank always lower rank player in jungle (always emerald rank) and we lose so esay
    jungle is so hard roll and need higher rank player
    why you do this to us riot?
    fix matchmaking If we are important to you

  3. Can you release Hero zyra because zyra is a strong Hero. I hope zyra is released LOL wild rud rift please release zyra please

  4. As a support main, I love to have more lethal options instead of your traditional healers that can’t stand alone (Sona/Sera/Yuumi). To provide Thresh-like utility with crazy CCs, AND be able to roam with insane mobility that doesn’t even require me to take flash, I am in love with Pyke’s playstyle!!! 🤩 My favorite champ release on WR so far, love it 💖

  5. Easy penta with him, full lethal can swipe all of the enemy. Unless against tanks :v

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