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Red Dead Redemption 3 Needs This #shorts

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  1. They should continue with jack story in rdr3 because it would make no sense to go further and further back in time

  2. Dutch and John is dead they died in red dead redemption 1 red dead redemption 1 took place after the gang and in the dead redemption 2 Took Place in the gang

  3. It would be interesting to have the next game include Mac and Davey. Landon Ricketts seems pretty interesting as well

  4. Just like there won't be GTA 6 is just like there won't be a Red Dead redemption 3 I know you won't want to hear it but there's just nowhere for the story to go Jack Marston got his revenge most of the members of the gang are dead any of the members who are still alive have settled into a life of peace and there's no one left to oppose them and also Rockstar is too busy adding DLC to GTA and Red Dead redemption to be bothered to make another game they probably won't even make another game for five or so years GTA v was 2013 red Dead redemption 2 came out 2018 I think see how long it took for them to make one game one game even if Red Dead redemption 2 is a large detailed game it might have not even started development till 2016 who knows but Rockstar is too busy making money from micro transactions and dlc of course all of that's for multiplayer when's the last time you saw a DLC for a rockstar game that wasn't online and free but you could access it easier if you paid with microtransactions the last DLC for story mode of any game made by Rockstar was GTA IV so I hope you see what I'm saying there won't be another game for the foreseeable future

  5. The crazy thing is they will do another red dead game but it might not be related to redemption I’m really curious what they will do with it only time will tell

  6. I think it should be played like a gta v type game where you can switch between both mccallendar boys

  7. If only Rockstar would stop neglecting their games and started making D.L.C's again.

    This and RDR2 Undead Nightmare would be BOMB.

  8. I was thinking that it should be about McCaowhand
    Uhh I forgot the name
    The dude Arthur gets mad about dying when the bald dude with a bowl hat tells him

  9. one of my fantasies for red dead is a dlc that leads up to colter… no faith in rockstar tho

  10. Will it be a sequel to red dead one or a prequel to red dead two because you have to remember Red dead two was the prequel To red dead two

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