Rockstar Games CEO Explains Why They Have So Quiet About GTA 6! New GTA VI Release Date Details News

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Hey everyone! Today, we’re discussing why Rockstar Games has been so quiet about releasing any details about GTA 6. Like & Subscribe for more GTA 5 Videos!
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  1. all they have to do is literally just tweet out a single number and the internet explodes not just Twitter, every type of social media.

  2. Spoiler Alert : GTA Online is GTA 6 😂 or GTA 6 is NEVER coming out, whichever ultimatum works better for you. Instead of playing video games made by companies that could care less about you, find something else more constructive to do with your time

  3. This is one thing I think a lot of people get twisted especially with the newer generation not only of gaming consuls but how our world IRL has evolved writing a very good storyline that’s going to stick can take a long time you have to realize even way back in the day books that turned out to be masterpieces took years or even decades to write and even then the author would go back and make sure that everything was crisp before publishing so I don’t have this weird hatred towards GTA five and GTA online like most people do I know that these things take time and we have to respect that because honestly if we left the game like we say we do then we should have some sense of understanding and respect for the people who are putting their time for our entertainment

  4. im sure they had something going then thre it all in the bin and restarded. i dont care how good a game can be this is taking too long

  5. Didn't you make the same video touching the same topics that everyone already knows about like 10 times ?

  6. The game should be good because we waited to mutch, what if they changed just some things? In that period of all those years we could have another 2 games 6 and 7. I don't know what they will do but the expetetions are hight.

  7. Ironically, I really want to see a mechanic for getting pulled over. I want to see cops actually try to apprehend you on 1 and 2 stars before trying to straight up shoot you

  8. The amount of sales. The amount of purchases. Imagine. Not only will the generations now play, but the ones coming up that haven't experienced a GTA release before …

  9. I hope GT six is unbelievably amazing with their graphics because I’m very disappointed how GTA five looks on PlayStation five.

  10. Rockstar isn't being anymore tight lipped than they've ever been. Look how long it took for real rdr2 information.. a long time. Same with gta 6, gta 7, and gta 25..

  11. GTA 6 Is most definitely the most anticipated game in the whole gaming world. It's sales will be absolutely insane if they manage to market it well and create a decent trailer/product. Will break records like crazy. Or at least I hope. RockStar is the only studio I truly believe in anymore to guarantee make quality story games.

  12. The details I want to see in the announcement trailer are the cities or locations and the time period.

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