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Sony Just Bought Bungie, Creators of Destiny 2! "New Worlds" Being Created!

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I kid you not, Sony has just acquired Bungie Studios, creators of Destiny 2. But will Destiny 2 be exclusive to PS5? What about Xbox Series X? Let’s discuss and find out!

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  1. Sony is playing it smart, instead of PS exclusive titles, they are realizing more money on more platforms and this is the way. WHERE IS MY GHOST OF TSUSHIMA PC?!?!?!?!?!

  2. New non replacement weapon for Cyberpunk!!!! Somebody hade a damn sword and put it into the game with its own custom UI Icon and it is not a replacement mod its a totally from scratch weapon.

  3. no this is not big at all? destiny sucks, and sony making a blurry console version with console graphics HAHAHA YIkes imagine playing on console

  4. Sony: We bought Bungie!
    Activision: You just bought our sloppy seconds.
    Microsoft: Thirds!

  5. Sony acquired destiny – that's it. And we all know how well Bungie works with partners. Okay, when Bungie were owned by Microsoft, they gave us Halo. But the Activision days…😬😬😬 Time will tell.

  6. Bungie is like that Girl in High school that everyone hit but No one take her seriously.

  7. Microsoft buy two giants in gaming,who deal with multi-development and multi-publishing. Mean time Sony has bought a virtue-signalling and well known greedy cesspool company,that once got lucky many decades ago and now produce just one mediocre game!
    Congrats Sony lmao 🤣👏

  8. This has been in the works for months. They’re simply trying to broaden their business.

  9. Well, guess I won't be jumping into Destiny on the 22. Buddy has been hounding me to play on Xbox….nah. lol.

  10. So how does this work? Bungie is the creator of a few of the Halo games. Does Microsoft actually outright own those games, or could now Sony somehow either get those halo games removed from Xbox? What if Sony blackmailed Microsoft so games like Halo infinite and star field be available on the PlayStation .

    I think this is a great addition for Sony, even more than the Xbox acquisitions, because they tend to be very closed mined about things, don’t usually stray away from tradition. Hopefully with Bungie, Sony can deliver a better “game pass” for Sony.

  11. This changes nothing for for dead sony, this is just throwing away more money they could've used of making more ps5 systems, Sony is truly pathetic.

  12. Multi-Platform games. So everything will still come to Xbox. nice. hopefully sony gives them what they need to make a great game.

  13. I would love to see Bungie produce a single-player game. However, I highly doubt we'll ever see it. Sony has plenty of single-player experiences and they didn't purchase Bungie just to have another.

  14. A good start would be for sony to go all in with Bungie push an inclusive not exclusive brand, get rid of the peer to peer garbage D2 runs over invest in dedicated servers bigger maps and The Destiny franchise could be the Sony answer to COD.
    If they go the exclusive way after lightfall though Ill be pulling out of the franchise personally.

  15. Lololol why do I get the feeling Sony are just buying what they can because of the blizzard biz lol

  16. "Both companies stated that the deal would not affect platform availability or exclusivity for Destiny 2 but instead was geared towards media beyond video games that Bungie had been interested in pursuing for some time." Literally no games. It's ssoooo big lol

  17. Don't like all of these studios being bought up. At the same time I kinda wish someone would buy CDPR. Tired of waiting for 2077 update. They also need a CEO that will make them learn to finish making one game before starting another. If you can't deliver one, what makes you think you can work on two at the same time?

  18. Ubisoft sitting over in the corner just waiting for someone to come courting. But Ubisoft is like that girl with a bad VD. Nobody wants any part of that, or at least not long term.

  19. Stopped playing destiny after warmind and probably will never go back with Bungie taking away content that people paid for, I'm someone who likes a good story and would like to be able to experience the entire story in game like every single detail the way FFXIV does it, instead of having to go to outside sources to have the entire story told to me.

    that again on top of the said content/story not only being taken away/vaulted, but also the re skinning re hashing, re using, re painting over, re selling to you of the same old gear and weapons that you have been grinding for since the first game is just so old and dumb and stupid, that on top of anything "new" Bungie actually makes you work for they just eventually nerf anything and everything you ever worked to earn into the grond making it completely and totally and utterly pointless to have ever grinded for to begin with and then they just repeat that cycle with every new "season" or expansion it's such a scam/rip off.

    season passes,a microtransactions/monatization store in a game that cost 60$+ that also forces you to pay more than 60$+ if you want EVERYTHING such as a new dungeon, literally locking away content behind a higher price tag as a complete and total rip off/scam.

    straight up destiny is a rip off/ scam, and even with Sony buying Bungie the only thing that would make me want to go back to destiny is to unvault everything so people can experience the full story of the game IN THE GAME because it's content people paid for, permanently stop re skinning, re hashing, re using, re painting over, re selling weapons and gear every season and every expansion and stop calling anything that's actually "old" "new" when it's NOT, and when you actually have actually "new" stuff STOP NERFING EVERYTHING AND MAKING EVERYTHING COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY USELESS AND STOP TRYING TO LIE TO PEOPLE WITH EVERY "SEASON" OR EXPANSIONS PRETENDING THAT WHAT THEIR GETTING IS "NEW" WHEN IT'S NOT!! on top of this completely and totally just get rid of season passes entirely/ battle passes get rid of all that shit, and when selling your product have it be for 1 price only and that people get everything with that 1 price, seriously stop with this deluxe edition whatever scam bullshit, completely and totally do away with the microtransactions and monatizations store destiny isn't actually a free game because it costs 60$+ to actually be able to play the full game, sure you have free edition but you can only go so far in that to my understanding, but still you shouldn't be able to a have "free" version" of your game if your selling it for 60$, unless that free version is the same style as FFXIV free trial version where you can experience the main game and an expansion/ARR to Heavensward without having to spend anything and after that you have to pay to play the rest of the game/anything past heavensward, I would love to go back to destiny but if these changes that I believe need to take place never happen then you can forget me ever going back to destiny because at this current time destiny is an anti consumer theft/scam product with a story that keeps getting completely and totally erased with all the content that keeps getting locked away even after people have paid for it.

  20. Good it’s about time Sony bought a big company. They always help games go to the Pc master race. This is why I don’t like Microsoft doing this and only wanting the games on Xbox only.

  21. This is a huge nothingburger. This is just Sony's cheap budget version of retaliation against Microsoft. Does anyone even still play Destiny?

  22. How is this huge unless you mean in disappointed then my goodness man, this IS huge. Hey Microsoft bought Activision what should we do. First let's produce more decade old PS4s as surely someone needs that at retail price. Won't they buy a Xbox Series S instead wth why would any of our brainless fanbois do such a logical thing. You right, what then, well Microsoft toke all the good studios so let's just buy Bungie, they're cheap and they come with a rebate. Really, Bungie, yea I mean we gotta buy something, Lol.

  23. What people here seem to be missing are the possibilities resulting from this acquisition! I am sure Sony knows that the western market loves brainless shooters and they certainly seem to be lacking original IPs in that regard. IMO Bungie will help them to develop a new COD-like game to compete and likely eclipse whatever Activision can muster.

  24. Lol that’s kind of bull if you think about it because they didn’t really “buy” Bungie if they are solely still focused on multi platform lol all they did is basically pay the company to add them to their family. Hate to say it but that’s a big difference then how Xbox bought Activison which then was made mainly into an Xbox exclusive and the only game that’s remaining multi platform is Call of Duty which even Xbox said they could make it an Xbox exclusive and then PlayStation wouldn’t be able to have it in their store where as PlayStation has no control over the actual company and still isn’t a PlayStation exclusive company. Lol the only difference is now you can play the Destiny games on PlayStation, so I have no idea why everyone keeps saying PlayStation bought bungie when they actually didn’t they just can now officially add Bungie games to the PlayStation store nothing more and nothing less. Even Bungie stated they are glad to be apart of the family but will remain a multi platform company which shows that PlayStation didn’t buy them they only had enough to be able to add Bungie games to the PlayStation consoles. Remember as previously stated PlayStation doesn’t have enough money to buy any major companies, with that being said and how big Bungie is there is definitely no way they were able to actually buy the company just the rights to add their games to the PlayStation consoles. So why is everyone misleading people saying they bought the company when obviously they didn’t and definitely aren’t capable especially when they don’t have the money to do so, they just payed Bungie to add the games lol

  25. EA would've been a better acquisition. Buying a studio with only one top game is just a panic move. Sony do better!

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