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The 5 SECRETS to ESCAPING LOW ELO as Support – League of Legends

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  1. so what are the 5 secrets? can you timestamp them? these videos are such a chore to sit through

  2. I love your videos, but I think it would be super helpful if you had champion names turned on in the gameplay you show us. As someone that’s new to the game it’s hard for me to tell who exactly a champion is at a moment’s glance. And the amount of skins for characters doesn’t help. Just a suggestion, again I love these guides 🙂

  3. That tower dive as alistar, I've lost count the number of times I've tried something similar and the adc didn't follow up, causing me to die, enemy adc to live, and my adc being on a 1v2 disadvantage with threat of being ganked by mid or jungle due to the wave state
    This is why I play top now 😂 sitting happy in platinum

  4. I am currently diamond 2 and anyone in gold silver bronze iron wanna get climb add me at Ekko or int 🙂

  5. Okay, now how do you climb as support when you get AI robots on your team? When the carries afk? When your adc doesn't go in with your engage, when they don't guard as you ward or roam? On my main account (mmr is trash now, thx matchmaking) I have a 30-40% chance of queueing with a troll/afk/AI/etc. Of those games I win maybe 10% of the time due to team diff, no matter how well I support or how good my KDA I can't save a team that runs one by one into a Baron buffed enemy instead of guarding base. The remaining 60-70% of the games I have over an 80% WR. I constantly deal the most damage despite building support, have the best overall KDA of all 10 of us. Yet I don't climb because of how often I've gotten queued with trolls. There was even one match I called sup/jg, got autofilled adc, had an AI Yuumi and AI Ammumu, reported it to Riot with time stamps of their clear robot behavior and they responded, "You've contacted us about this before, we will no longer be responding to this account." The LP loss wasn't even mitigated smh.

    I know these numbers because I wrote down the details of every match April-May. Games where I was legit outplayed were few and far between. Games where I was filled the rank/ two ranks above I didn't int, had good KDAs and won. Then I get smurf queued simply over team diff or a tilter running it down without a feedback report. How are we supposed to climb when queued with that, and every channel and LoL comment boiling it down to git gud? Even freaking Neace made a video about being hardstuck in Bronze on his latest run, yet we're all here pretending it's purely a skill diff and not factored by a system diff. There is something wrong when you win matches, hit the magic 4th in a row and get a problem from afk to smurfs to AI to a streamer dancing here and there so they don't earn trigger the algorithms as they throw to stay in their division, lose LP and get demoted back to X4 75LP just to do it three times in one week. That was my Memorial Day weekend.

    Yes, skill is needed to climb. But when it's more than just a skill diff? What do you do then?

  6. Well, now if just my adc had the same understanding of the game, then i would be challenger already 😂😂😂

  7. Tbh that Kayn first clip was a lil noobie act. The black cloud indicates someone is THERE. And anyone can see it

  8. Crazy to me how, without fail, every single video has comments that basically say "you couldn't carry the games I'm in". Lol

  9. it's very interesting to watch those video about support even if I don't play this role

  10. as a support/jungle main i understand these concepts but it seems the way my adc plays that he doesnt so it sometimes makes the lane x10 harder than it should be

  11. yes fianlly! Masters Support on NA, Challenger on LAN. be creative!! also bard. i play both support and jungle.

  12. first they say that you dont carry with damage on support, then they show a lethality pantheon support clip lmao xD they should do some insane challenger yuumi play, i would be really curious about that, their advice would probably "duo with an elo booster"

  13. I have a question: why did the lucian at the end of the video lost that 2v2 even tho he had big wave covering him? I get that he havent spent that gold but so did jinx and i dont see sona's tear making that big diff in the fight…

  14. Wait. I thought League was dead. Rito tried so hard to make the game fun for everyone, but they neutralized most skill and discretion in the process. All these tips are negated by mid-game bounties, etc. Just checking in to see if Rito ever tries to win their players back (they won't).

  15. I like to watch other lanes videos even as a top laner to know how to carry when fed and know how to give my teammates support when Im neutral or weak

  16. Before watching the video i predict it is all about cheesing enemies: hextech flash, minion dematerializer, staying out of vision with a hook champ… Yeah you can carry with that but you need so many opportunities and i feel like missing one will lose the game.

  17. Man the skill u mention will not work if you're in low ELO because the adc there are idiots

  18. I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us

  19. So you are saying you need to be smart to climb? Ok then again 90% or more players Will not climb with support 😆

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