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THE DIABLO 4 KILLER? | Path Of Exile 2 BRUTAL 19 min gameplay!

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Just to be clear, Im not stating that this IS the Diablo 4 killer. I’m asking if you think it is.
Let me know in the comments what you think.

19min of brutal Path of exile 2 gameplay with commentary from one of the devs. Is this the game thats going to kill Diablo? What do you think?
Diablo is created by Blizzard Entertainment.

Path of exile is created by Grinding gear games and video is created by them.
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  1. What was the point of re-uploading GGG's video? You could have at least gave us commentary on top of the video itself.

  2. Deff playing with a controller when this game releases . Playing these types of games with a Keyboard and mouse is crazy to me . This game looks good tho

  3. Я бы ее не назвал киллером д4 она по своему хороша и все))

  4. And i actualy hope D4 blows Poe out of the water.

    In 2 years time Poe devs seem like they are going downhill.

    Not listening to players and also they dont implement necesary changes for their outdated trading model and abysmall gearing+ dificulty for the sake of dificulty with 1 trilion curenccies.

    I already studied 15 years, no need to read a novel every time i play the game, because i cant spend 10k hours in it to learn everything.

    Thats strictly my opinion ofc, but i think the hardcore player base are the reason this game is still around, most of them having probably a love&hate relationship.

    Have a nice day y”all

  5. Poe has also become an overhyped clusterfk. Lets be real:) hope with Poe 2 they make more good decisions

  6. ngl its gunna be hard, but i can assure everyone as a die hard diablo fan if diablo 4 is monetized in anyway that makes it p2w i will become a POE exclusive gamer for life. blizzard has died.

  7. Really hope it's not the "Look like a hobo at lv1. Still look like a hobo at lv100." As PoE. Big part of these games is badass looking lewt, while I loathe Blizzard, they usually nail this. PoE, while I've played off and on since closed beta, just… woo, I'm 100… still look like I just crawled off the beach.

  8. i mean yeah, as long as wee don't see bullshit gambling mechanics via real money we are golden and everyone is happy

  9. is online still a thing but nonexistent? like is there to talk and trade but not real challenge in game for players to use coop in dungs or raids, also is gear still going to look like shit forcing players to buy high price cosmetic on the store to at least look decent ………..are they finally going to add pants in the game, this are the things that throw me off from PoE , no one does coop , in game gear is horrible looking , cosmetic prices are way too high , no real end game other than leagues where you repeat playing the game all over again just to get some new spells ( i don't like creating new characters for the past 15 leagues)

  10. Is it completely new game or just updated poe1? Quited poe few years ago as it became way too fast combat- you just fly through maps 2000mph, hope this will go back to normal

  11. So und jetzt auch Cross Progression auf dem Tablet und ich wäre glücklich! So könnte ich auch unterwegs spielen und nicht dieses blöde Diablo Imortal.

  12. Blizzard has been doing shit for the last few years, so waiting for them to do something good is useless, they can't even re-release normally wow

  13. diablo killer?why?lol. this is basically the same type of game only diablo looks much much better

  14. Its like you're saying LoL beating DOTA. I dont see that happening, copies dont kill originals.

  15. it will by better no doubt, diablo 4 after immortal, you just know it will by like 500k to max out 1 char hellno

  16. Hopefully they fix most QoL issues currently plaguing the game. Im tired of using 3rd party programs and 2 discord servers to play this game…

  17. I was never fan of Poe since the closed beta . I remember before Diablo 3 announce . I was sign up for Poe close beta or alpha for years . Never get any invite and that was my biggest hope . Then when Diablo 3 announce . Poe They send a massive invite to closed beta . At that time . I went to Diablo . Poe already left a bad tasted . Never a fan of Poe ever since

  18. As much as I love POE – 3000+ hours at this point – I hope D4 blows the doors off of POE2 to wake GGG up. Simply put – I love POE, but not GGG.

    Over many years, GGG's responses to implementing player-friendly mechanics to improve trade, reduce clicks via something like a small AOE currency loot radius, and making the campaing more friendly to newer players is honestly hilarious. Chris's argument of "item weight" and wanting to keep the maximum amount of "friction" via trades (aka just time wasting) is ridiculous.

    Trade is getting worse and worse every league and their own trade website is a pile of garbage. Whispering 30+ people for 5 minutes to finally get a response from a bot to exchange menial amount of currency… I don't blame the players – why would they leave their juiced up map to trade 10c for some regret orbs? The fault is on GGG for creating a trading system that directly hinders gameplay. Leaving maps is usually quite punishing and ruins the flow of gameplay, causing a vast majority of players to not respond unless they are already in their hideout. Someone AFK's for a while and has the exact item you're looking for? hopefully he gets back soon otherwise you're SOL. It would be so easily solved by a simple auction house system. There is nothing enjoyable about looking at items that are exactly what you're looking for, yet you can't even buy it because the person is AFK or offline.

    They can hide the excuse of these things being their "vision" but lets be real here, 3rd party software and websites are the sole reason POE is even remotely relevant at this point. If loot filters, trade macros, and path of building didn't exist – POE would be completely dead. No more "vision" for POE.

    The amazing community surrounding the game and their efforts to solve issues GGG either outright refuses to implement, or takes years to implement a terrible rendition of, is the lifeblood of this game. It's beyond frustrating to see GGG blunder over and over again when they have the formula to improve upon an amazing foundation and, with some tweaks, have the greatest ARPG ever made. Yet their arrogance, time and time again, clouds their judgement. Archnemesis going core was a perfect example of this. Clearly not tested whatsoever and they just threw it in straight away. Do they seriously think their playerbase is so stupid that this would go unnoticed? This game already struggled heavily with player-retention and attracting a newer playerbase and they just made it even worse. I understand them wanting the game to not be easy but, with a game that is so reliant on a healthy economy, you have to allow newer players to actually stand SOME chance of at least making it through the campaign and enjoy the game without too many issues. It's absolutely necessary for a thriving economy. I would say 99/100 new players could not create a build that would get them comfortably through the campaign without hitting multiple major obstacles and, with how regret orbs work, they would pretty much be forced to reroll. What an absolutely terrible experience for new players. And it shows in the numbers.

    Sit on your high-horse all you want GGG, at the end of the day, the community is the reason your game is still relevant, not you.

    This is not me saying blizzard is perfect by any means – D3 is a complete disaster. I just want GGG to have some competition to wake them up. I'm confident that with their feet to the fire, they would make the changes necessary to compete, if not – well, no more POE :(. I could be completely wrong, i don't know. This is mainly just a vent of built up frustrations. I love POE but, in my personal opinion, it could be so much more than what it is with proper development.

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