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Top 10 " One Trick " Players in League of Legends S12

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Hi everyone, today i’m gonna show you TOP 10 One Trick Players Who Reach Challenger With over 1000LP
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Time line and Link Their Stream
00:06 : Irelking / Irelia – https://www.twitch.tv/irelking3
02:45 : YeDaoShen / Talon – https://www.huya.com/573149
05:50 : BeiFeng / Qiyana – https://www.huya.com/572329
08:25 : WenTian / Lux – https://www.huya.com/714539
11:20 : HanQianLuo / Ezreeal – https://www.huya.com/211202
14:15 : xDavemon / Pyke – https://www.twitch.tv/xdavemon
17:03 : XiaoTaoQi / Azir – https://www.douyu.com/5533584
20:04 : XiaoChaoMeng / Aatrox – https://www.huya.com/257085
22:48 : LangD / Gangplank- https://www.huya.com/196645
25:58 : MangoFizz / Fizz – https://www.huya.com/981585

🎶 Music used :
1 . Star Unkind (Lanfranchi & Farina Remix) – 2Someone
2 . hayve & Skyelle – Change
3 . Lost Sky – Vision pt. II (feat. She Is Jules) [NCS10 Release]
4 . League of Legends – As We Fall (WE ARE FURY Remix)
5 . Mako – Beam (Original) [Free]
6 . Deaf Kev – Invincible Part II feat Sendi Hoxha [ NCS10 Release ]
7 . NYOR Return
8 . Rock Background Music – No Copyright
9 . Stahl – Dreams

Watch More :
➤ Top Lane Montage : https://bit.ly/3j4rEuB
➤ Mid Lane Montage : https://bit.ly/3x2kzD2
➤ Jungle Montage : https://bit.ly/3KczzSE
➤ ADC Montage : https://bit.ly/3DF7IYE
➤ Support Montage : https://bit.ly/3K7gYat


► Copyright Notice:

➤ We make these videos with the intention of ” Educating ” LoL players.
➤ How they can increase and improve their own skills for better playing in some segments of the game. These videos are made as a montage, consist of fragments from several different LoL matches . The content displayed in the video is recorded within the game, some parts used in the video were send by the players, with permission.
➤ The whole footage/gameplay is edited by myself
➤ As stated in the Riot Games Legal Jibber Jabber I have permission to upload and monetize this: https://www.riotgames.com/en/legal

If any owners of the content clips would like us to remove the video, because of misunderstanding or any other issue, we have no problem with that, we will remove as soon as possible. Please email us if you have any concerns at : [email protected]


Send me your best plays via gmail : [email protected] ( i will check it out and consider making video montage about you )

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  1. Hello guys! As you know im having a hard lot of issues with my video

    Youtube force me to upload my videos with a reaction for make it look mine and no longer "re-used" content.

    It could be very annoying but I hope you can understand and support me

  2. Lang D isn't the best gangplank its mangki or 만기퇴소 lck pros literslly stated they watch his youtube videos to learn gangplank lol.

  3. Before vid start i want to guess. Zed99, befieng solarbacca 14fiora they all in the vid for sure

  4. why is there a reaction on the bottom left, he literally just sits there and doesnt do anything, its like really weird

  5. honestly I have watched davemon for a few years now and thought he was the best but the chinese Pyke support main is way better in terms of combos, he uses prowlers claw tho, and he also climbs way higher as he's on the super server and davemon is on NA which is obviously terrible.

  6. I would like to play like them, but it seems i can't XD
    At least i can satisfy myself with this video!

  7. Does anyone know the reasoning behind the Lux player throwing the shield backwards / away from the enemy?

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