Way of the Hunter – Animals of the Pacific Northwest Trailer | PS5 Games

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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! A lush valley with deep forests and ice-cold rivers, looming mountains and large swamp areas awaits.

This area is home to many of the most iconic animals in North America. Stick to classic hunting choices like the white-tailed deer or waterfowl, go toe to hoof with an elk or moose and challenge dangerous predators like the American black bear or the grey wolf on 55 square miles.

Way of the Hunter is coming to PlayStation 5 on August 16, 2022.

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  1. On PS5, it'll look great. Has a animal observation mode been added as suggested by this trailer? I'd love to be able to move the camera and observe the animals up close like this too.

  2. hmm. looks ok but where is the reason i should play this instead of rdr2?

    no gameplay, no deepdive, shows no outstanding mechanics?, coop?

  3. Day 15 of commenting until I become a full time YouTuber, I will make a video about this Experiment after 1 year, lots of love

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