Red Dead Redemption

3 interesting Details in Red Dead Redemption 2 – #rdr2 #shorts

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  1. Is…is the vid supposed to show something? All I see is Dutch and black screen for the rest of it

  2. I was in valentine and i went to kill someone and at the bottom left it said father so i think i found arthurs father

  3. Fun fact, between the beating of Tommy and meeting him in the mission one of the townspeople will tell you he suffered brain damage

  4. “Hmm okay”
    Detail #1- Character interacts with projections

    “*Don’t recommend videos from this channel*”

  5. I don’t get why aurther the bad guy in the scene Tommy legit almost kills aurthers like bruh he choking him out ofc he’s gonna pound the shit out if him

  6. I punched tommy 3 times because I didn’t want to hurt him
    Badly, sadly I think he still got brain damage

  7. I just let him go I never hit him to much he was ok in my save just real nervous around me

  8. Feel bad for anyone who first fights Arthur they get massive brain damage and emotional damage

  9. nah cus tommy stood no chance against me in that fight 😂 they only had him survive since the game wanted cool cutscenes

  10. Anybody gets hit in the head that much is going to have severe trauma. I love how the game portrays that but it’s not to show Arthur’s strength it’s for realism and consequences of actions

  11. imagine if he didnt have tb during fight with micah….if he beated tommy to insanity imagine micah.

  12. So Arthur's dad probably have Arthur that hat before he was hanged which kinda makes Arthur giving John his hat mean so much

  13. Dammit I still haven’t recovered from Arthur’s end and now I feel bad for Tommy, man fuck this I’m going back to pokemon

  14. It really does show how much damage arthur can do, like when arthur said "i got this" i thought its like nothing but after this it shows he really got this

  15. Also incase you didn't notice like me, the same guy who is annoying lenny and arthur in the bar, can be seen harrassing sadie in the epilogue, the first time we meet her again. He's friend gets stabbed in his hand by sadie and he himself gets punched.

  16. Although I feel bad for Tommy, makes me wonder how Arthur gave Tommy brain damage before he got TB, what he could've done to Micah if he was well.

  17. When I saw a picture of Arthur's father during my first playthrough I was like oh so Arthur got his hat from his father, so that's like from a father to a son, when he gets old enough, when he becomes a man. I thought a lot about it. Then at the end, when Arthur gives his hat to John, I got emotional, it was so powerful, because it was just like that, from a father to a son. It was, beautiful. This game is amazing.

  18. Me watching how great details of red dead/Mitch hello I’m going ruined everything and become most hated rockstar character in history in my book

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