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Will Techland add guns into Dying Light 2? The community wants them. At least more scrap guns would be wildly accepted for it’s players. Oh ya bring back the Doom shotgun please Techland! Join this channel to get access to perks:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmYx32zgh9b7oj_YtxfK1vA/join #Techland #DyingLight2 #DoomShotgun #Guns


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  1. Now before you say we won't get guns in this game just look at all the changes Techland has made to make the players happy, we shall see!

  2. bro if rust did a colab with dl2 and added the thomsan to the game as like a "gun" then that would be SICK

  3. Uh….. people keep saying to add guns…… but its not so easy…. lore wise….. guns where tooken by the miltary if you liston people will make comments about that. Guns would proably really hard to get like insaly hard or homemade guns. Also it would ruin the game. Like the shotgun from dying light 1 would literally destroy every hard enemy. So yeah also the peacekeepers side would be even worse sense the crossbow would be over shined with guns

  4. If they do make guns I want one either as a night runner tool that's highly customizable for more damage and stuff or a weapon that's just a musket or bolt action rifle with a bayonet that can switch from melee to ranged. Not a throwaway weapon though

  5. A cool mechanic would be like guns are rare and when you find one it has a health system to where the more you use it the less accurate it gets and more chances for it to jam

  6. I really hope Techland listens and adds more cool weapons and hopefully guns! Plus I didn’t even know there was a fool shotgun in dl!

  7. I hope they add guns back into the game, A zombie game without games is just wrong in my opinion

  8. A blunderbuss or a long range sniper would be nice. Some hostage encounters where you need to save someone would go well with this if they add them at any point.

  9. I feel like they should look at the original game and find the most features that were popular and liked among players ( such as GUN GUN, the realistic lightning, realistic combat, more zombies in the streets…etc) that would prob make the game better than dl1 but we shouldn't forget that the first game went throught years of support and Techland actually listens to it's fans! So yea I would prob wait a few years then test the game out xd

  10. I think not because remember how in the first dying light if you had a gun with ammo volatiles litraly were a joke

  11. In my opinion if they add guns they need to add more volatiles,banshees , and other special zombie…(NIGHTHUNTERS MAYBE SOME INFECTED ANIMALS IN THE DAY TIME) …to make it more challenging

  12. I wouldn't care if the firearms were just throw away ones like you get so many shots and it just falls apart.

  13. What if they built the game around not having tons of guns or hardly guns at all? Meaning they can’t add guns without having to change the game completely and how the zombies behave and things. Plus dying light 2 doesn’t have as many zombies as dying light 1 we may not need guns

  14. A zombie game wouldn't be fun without guns, the most simple idea that techland forgot to add to DL2

  15. If techland would just listen to us and put guns in the game it would be better no they think they know better

  16. I would love guns in Dying Light 2 but honestly i dont want regular guns.
    give us something unique like the Scorpio weapon.
    The community will surely be happy 🙂
    btw thank you for making a video on this topic.

  17. Hell the Butcher had a gun, he killed himself with it. I even tried to glitch back into that room to get that gun. 😆

  18. I really want guns in dl2, when I hear about dl2 not having guns I'm kind of disappointed cause I played dl1 in a lots of way like guns or melee only mode, my favorite part is shot gun mode only with dlc mods I enjoy tearing zombie apart with my ox cannon and shot gun rush some quarantine area. Yeah guns make dl1 easy but you can finish the game without using one, to me guns expand dl1 replay value..

  19. I just want techland to listen to me and nerf the stupid ultramarathon trophy
    At least add a tracker or something
    This is a joke

  20. I think there should be guns, but they are very hard to come by, and have a special repair system

  21. homemade vanilla friendly guns like the boomstick would be cool n maybe more scrap melee weapons that are actually effective, i love the diy look of the early game weapons but sadly they arent late game viable unless ya play on easy which is just boring

  22. We need to be able to get more options of the boomstick to craft. Have one be flame, shock, Poison, Blades and scrap that does bleed damage. If we did get guns that we could carry in our inventory ( like the bow, crossbow ) – they should be slightly weaker than the boomstick ( and its hopeful variants ). And make the ammo somewhat rare with the possibility that chapters will give us options to buy the crafting blueprints to make them.

  23. I Have Ideas and Predictions For The DLC And Other Future DLCs!
    Makeshift Ranged Weapons Simulator To Resolver Weapons and Makeshift Weapons From Far Cry 6 and New Dawn!
    Guns, Firearms and Ammo Blueprints.
    NEW Combat and Parkour Skills in The DLC That Can Be Earned By Challenges! Non-Stealth/Front Takedowns On Enemies Like Far Cry 3, 4, 5, 6 and New Dawn and The First Dying Light!
    Please! Make A Video On Future DLC Weapons and Content Because I Am Dying To See More Future DLC!
    Please Show The Ideas To The Community So They Can Talk About It! 🙂
    Show The Ideas To Techland and The Developers Because I Want Them To Get Those Ideas!

  24. In my opinion, DL2 should have some firearms, since even after 15 years, there would be still certain caches or stashes with them, and maybe few gunsmiths skilled enough to manufacture their own. The colonel uses a pistol, so that proves some guns are still around, even years after the collapse of humanity.

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