Battlefield 2042 – Map Redesigns on the Way! | Months Away

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Battlefield 2042 has begun to detail upcoming map changes. But with the changes being months away, will it be enough?

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  1. I'll redownload it if it's even worth it tbh, for now it's all hot air from dice and Co. Not worth my time or investment anymore 😕

  2. I think a fair amount of the "walking simulator" issues stem from not being able to spawn in on squad mates near the objectives because of "enemies nearby" and being forced to respawn at the base miles away.

  3. I'll play again if they completely redesign these maps. Always hated how there's significantly less structures to go into. I really don't understand how they thought implementing 120 players in a deserted open map would work out, there's less strategizing involved and more chaos to deal with. What also doesn't make sense is how every single match felt exactly the same despite its chaotic nature, there was no variation in how players would approach objectives, you could always predict where players would rush or camp in specific parts of the objective, making the game feel repetitive and predictable. The old battlefield maps felt like they had some character to them you know? They had an identity, they had memorable and unique structures that made them stand out from eachother. 2042 on the other hand also had maps with unique structures but you RARELY got to set foot in them because 99% of the Map consisted of open grass fields. I love the ship wreckage, I love the abandoned machinery in the ice map, and I also loved the concept of abandoned skyscrapers in the middle of a desert, but none of it works if it's completely drowned out by running and broken gameplay mechanics. It's hard to become immersed in the scenery when I'm having to deal with vehicle spamming, bad hit registration, running 24/7, cringe dialogues, and seeing clones running all over the place.

  4. I saw the proposed changes today to Kaliedoscope and… so they're gonna fix that map by butchering that map more? So much empty space after the changes and I don't get it. I'm very glad that we have this communication and inclusion to the design process from now on but instead of making such drastic changes and removals, why not add more objectives to fill out more of the maps?

  5. Finally fixing the game the right way. I haven’t played in a month since January 22. All they have to do is remove specialists and the game will need perfect. With classes.

  6. Thanks for the video, but let's be honest, a map update isn't going to fix the terrible class design and replayability of the game. It just won't. Indy games made by a team of 3 are making BF look like a joke. I quit, called American Express, and they got all my money back. All $120 of it. I won't be back for any more BF games… it's turned into a meme at this point. I don't think EA/DICE has the competency or aptitude to do what they're striving to accomplish.

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