Dying light 2

Dying Light 2, But The Floor Is Lava

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Dying Light 2, But The Floor Is Lava. Can we make it across the map without touching the ground?Today, I invited my friend Rocambasco to play some Dying Light 2 with me and we tried to see if we could make it from the top left corner of the map all the way down to the bottom right without touching the ground. The rules are: no touching the ground under any circumstances, no paraglider, buildings are ok, cars are ok, and any little items like street lights or fences are ok. Is this actually possible or are we just going to get stranded in the first two minutes? Let’s find out.

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  1. Get Dying Light 2 here on sale! https://wehy.pe/y/6/DanteRavioli
    Hey guys! I know this isn't the craziest challenge in the world, but sometimes I enjoy doing short simple videos like this in between larger projects. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to go over to Rocambasco's channel after you watch this! He makes some awesome gaming challenges too. See you all in my next video

  2. Me, looking at the smiling character at the thumbnail:
    Rosario Dawson, is that you? 😳🥰

  3. If you made it as far as the game will allow (without buildings close enough for you to cross) then I would say you succeeded in your task, if the furthest you could get was still in the city I’d call it a failure but looking at the map it doesn’t look like there’s really anymore buildings which would mean you went the furthest you could go and it’s still basically right on the edge.

  4. Dying light 2, but my ps4 runs it like shit so I haven’t played it at all. And I don’t think I’ll be able to. The graphics take forever to load in and I’m looking at mine craft trees and shit. It sucks. I feel ripped off

  5. You could've actually made it if you went all the way around . Good content tho , I enjoyed it. 👍

  6. This game was a one and done for me unfortunately. Maybe I'll check back in a couple years after they do some patches and updates, but the game overall was a disappointment compared to DL1.

  7. I still ain't got around to dying light 2 looks gun also looks like their ain't alot of zombros?

  8. Pls do a RE4 Challenge where you only can use one mag of a weapon and then dump it in the trash

  9. Hey! Thanks for having fun with our game. Great watch. Perhaps we should make this mode official? 🙂

  10. 9:08 that oohhp from Dante I thought for sure they were gonna have to start over but my boy must have had a rabbit foot on him also success yes

  11. Hey Dante have you seen ink ribbon new video he sed your YouTube name saying can you kill ever enemy and he sed mm I might have to think about Dante ravioli vibes

  12. dante didnt you know you can travel out to the other citys?

    same route in lets waltz you can go back to the car factory

  13. I was subscribed to the channel but then I unsubscribe because this channel is lame now with the resent video

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