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How to CHANGE your Gender in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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How to genderbend your trainer in Pokemon Legends: Arceus using all of the customization options (hair, clothing, accessories, etc…). Have fun learning how to change your gender of your trainer in Pokemon Legends!

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  1. As an enby person, I’m very happy with the variety of hairstyles for the male character ^^ I kinda wish the hairstyles weren’t gender locked, but oh well- I can hope 💫

  2. Random fact: I like doing white eyebrows with non natural colored hair bc it makes the character look like a zany fashion designer

  3. I kind of expected this to be some sort of gender-swapping glitch, but I'm not dissapointed because I've never seen the Male customization options before. The customization in this game really dissapointed me because of the lack of style options and hair styles being mostely short for female, and uh yeah I'm kinda jealous now, some of those styles are really cute and I wish they didnt genderlock the hairstyles
    Also in terms of clothing differences, I think the Male version of the fancy kimono has pants whereas the female version has shorts and I cant stand it because I like the pants more. That is the only difference that I know of. For hairstyles, almost all of them are really short with variation in the bangs; I wish I could freely choose the length since the all looked pretty much the same in the back anyway. a few are tied up in some traditional japanese styles. The longest hairstyle if your default hairstyle and the survey corps style that you are not allowed to wear a hat with. The hats dont pull loose hair up unless you choose the bandannas. My favorite hairstyle has half of your hair tied up in a topnot bun with the bottom half hanging down.

  4. Really wish it would've gone for a "style" option like in animal crossing, would've been much nicer to have access to ALL the hair styles/clothing options at once instead of having only a few based on the character you choose at the beginning.

    That being said, it made me smile seeing how you handled the "changing of gender" in this video, cause honestly yeah its all based on presentation lol, still regret choosing the "female" character cause the "male" hairstyles are so much nicer, like that messy pony tail is something im so jealous of, why does the "female" option not have it??

  5. I’m not a biologist so I don’t know what you mean by “male” and “female”. 😂

  6. I guess they’re taking a page out of the “team rocket James” book
    If you know you know 😂

  7. I'm really happy with the game's customization options and liked that some of them came from side quests. The only other thing I wish you could change is the stance your trainer takes when they issue commands to pokemon in battles. I really liked the snap gesture volo makes in battle and I wish my trainer could do that after defeating him

  8. This is just clickbait. You literally just explained basic content of "choose the androgynous/feminine/masculine" options, which most people would already do if they wanted to change gender presentation in-game.

  9. yesterday i found 2 shiny combee (from a mass outbreak) and the chances were 1/4 of that they are normally. BOTH WERE MALE. i caught the first and the second one ran away

  10. Im kinda hoping in Scarlet and Violet they let you pick pronouns to use within the game. I use they/them, and being constantly referred to as he/him or she/her bothers me a little.
    I just think it'd be a really cool detail, and would make the whole experience better for a lot of people like myself.

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