Red Dead Redemption

If Arthur Survived Red Dead Redemption 2 #shorts

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  1. Man with the birthmark, future guy.

    Turns out when Arthur saved him, the man gave him the cure for TB.

    Arthur is healthy

  2. Imagine they make q story where artur didn't actually die watching the sunset and he somehow got better

  3. If Arthur didn't not die that means didn't contract TB and he Killed Milton at the lake , he would keep going with Ducth and whatever plan they have but he would for sure have drug Micah off somewhere and "make amens"

  4. Honestly if Arthur never got sick but everything else still happened I believe Dutch would’ve sided with Arthur

  5. What sing is that also that looks so incredibly cool ikd how the hell you makes these but they are sick!

  6. If he wasn't so sick he would've killed all of those traitors except Javier he was neutral if you watched his gun during the stand off he held it high in the air instead of at anyone and no one was aimed at him for that

  7. I highly doubt it that arthur would go after dutch, after all, dutch and hosea we're like fathers to him, i think he would just go after micah and then maybe reunite with john, sadie and the others at beechers hope or maybe go live a happy live with mary since the others are free theres nothing stoping now.

  8. What if they made red dead 3 an alternate universe where arthur Morgan actually survives, and he eventually meets up with John and they all take down former members of the gang as revenge. Then in the end instead of John dying, him, arthur, and uncle are able to hold off the pinkertons long enough to escape

  9. What if Arthur is alive only if you got the good ending and he beat tb instead of what happened

  10. Even though these type of videos are really cool, I don’t believe that they fit the story lesson, getting revenge would be just a fools game if you went with the high honor choice and help John, on the other hand if you went with the bad honor and return for the money ending this fits perfectly…

  11. If Arthur lived John wouldn't of died in red dead 1 and he would've made sure he lived and he would be the one to hunt down his old gang and when they would come for them Arthur would definitely be strong enough to beat them and the place would probably be destroyed but its a known fact that Arthur is the strongest of the vanderlene gang before he got sick and died so if he kept that strength he would and he can take a beaten even when he was sick he was still decently strong but weak

  12. I like to think in the timeline of Undead Nightmare that zombie Arthur is running around the hills of Ambarino just living his best life

  13. Ok. Hear me out. This would make a great storyline. Arthur faked having TB and after supposedly having the high honor death he hunts down Micah and kills him along with Dutch and reveals that the whole tb thing was to help the Marston’s escape the gang and himself. Ik it wouldn’t at all match up with the other games but that would be awesome

  14. when i was playing rdr2 the second time and knew what was coming i used the remainder of arthur’s money to buy him the most haunting and undertaker-esque outfit i could just to add a lil extra something as a last f u to micah and dutch

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