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Is Kyle Crane Still Alive ? A Dying Light Breakdown With All Evidence & Theories

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In this video we are going to talk about Kyle Crane & will answer the question if Kyle Crane is still alive or not.
This video contains spoilers from Dying Light & The following DLC.

► Timestamps:
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First Theory: 1:30
Second Theory: 2:23
Third Theory: 3:10
Fourth Theory: 4:23
My Theory With Evidences: 5:40
Outro: 9:53

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  1. I don’t think he died cause first he was in the city at the end but Krane could have died but there is a little no proof he’s died cause didnt he take the cure

  2. It would be sick if there was a dlc in dying light 2 “the following” but on the second game and it was a weird looking “volatile” that had a grapple type hand and weirdly mutated type volatile that was roaming around the city killing off people, and then at the end you’d have to fight the night hunter (crane)

  3. what if it was the GRE or the ministry of defense that nuked it and he got out or one of the mothers followers herd the fight and late thy relize the mother not doing any thing to they check on her and mess with the bomb not relizing what it is

  4. So everyone knows why Kyle crane is at the top of the building but he's looking over harran on but what I think is when you go to be the Zombie conquering is looking at his reflection of his past seeing what he used to look like he used to do and rethinking is options and what could have he done to prevent what he turned into

  5. Meaning "wiped from the map" could also mean that the GRE and the Ministry heard about people managing to get out of harran to avoid the quarantine they would have to get used to if they were bitten, so it could be possible that they heard about a volatile (Kyle Crane) managing to get out of harran to a nearby city so then they would instantly react to that sending a nuke to harran and potentially that nearby city calling it "wiped from the map", or a second theory "wiped from the map" could also mean something major happened in harran killing every survivor there was thus making it only a zombie city, which they could call "wiped from the map". Keep in mind I only beat DL2 once and I still don't know everything about the lore in-between the games.

  6. Wait an sec. You said when Mother Turned in night she was beast and killed her children Right? and if we decide to fight mother we can see crane going outside and see 2 kids and mother on playground so this could mean that was hallucination or retrocpespection what happend before to Mother

  7. Honestly if he is alive ( and the only way I could see him still being alive) is if he became a sentient volatile which would also explain why everyone refers to him in past tense kyle went to the countryside to try and find a cure but never returned and all the survivors in harran know he wouldn't just abandon them so they all just assume he's dead and as for harran being destroyed I think it's just because it was too far gone to be rebuilt although he's almost certainly dead honestly I'm fine with either possibility though

  8. okay so from a logical standpoint is if in the following they nuke themselfs that would mean the nuclear fallout and the nuclear blast would wipe out harrans popularity and all the zombies and since spike is alive that would rule out the idea of the nuke being cannon.

  9. I thought he would be dead because in the begging of the game spike says I wish crane would of saw this which would make me think he is dead

  10. It may be possible that crane turned into a sentient volatile and escaped Harran in the sewer, because if you look outside the city walls during the night you can see the city lights on, implying that maybe people still live in that area? Just an idea…

  11. The reason I don’t believe crane died is because it would be in stark contrast with his character, with a major plot point in the base game being him fighting to STOP a bombing, plus “wiped from the map” may have been an even that happened between the two games. I think it would be much more compelling and interesting if crane fought the mother as it would show that he was adamant on SAVING the people of harran, not destroying them.

  12. Hey by the way the nuclear ending in dying light the following isn’t canon just by the way

  13. my theory is maybe the sentient volatile thing only happens at a specifc time of day, cuz we really dont know when jasmine(the mother) transformed maybe it was in the day or maybe the night so maybe bcuz crane transformed at dawn he would be a normal volatile since he didnt get a chance to be sentient and just transformed. i really hope crane is still alive somewhere

  14. The GRE probably nuked Haran to make themselves the heroes in the worlds eyes.
    Now this is a stretch of a theory, what if they captured crane after he turned into the volatile, and that’s where the new strain of the zombie virus came from

  15. While not tied to Crane, aren't there some missing-person posters of Breken (I totally typo'd his name) and a couple other members of the tower hung up in the Bazaar in DL2?

  16. The GRE were going to bomb Harran anyway, yes Kyle Crane did stop the bombers the first time but nothing is going to stop the GRE from bombing Harran to smithereens, this could still mean Kyle Crane could have turned into a sentient volatile and escaped.

  17. I think that Kyle crane is still alive because even spike and the liquicador didn't really see crane die neither did we so maybe crane is alive and I hope he is. Also one thing that I wish techland did was that they kept spike the same even tho he's a pilgrim I think it would be pretty cool if he was the classic spike

  18. the second theory is the most credible one, the first theory doesn’t make sense for crane to nuke a city with people in there than can still be saved it’s not in his character for him to do that and kill those people, nor the does the vision one if the mother could create illusions should would have done it to crane so he would’ve been tricked into nuking the place again doesn’t make sense, him being a sentient volatile makes the most sense, in that ending crane more than likely got out of harran and the country side(the wall were made to trap the virus because they perceived it as something similar to rabies first so the outside world would still continue on) possibly helping the virus spread and that’s why there’s no signs of the virus where the mother and her kids were and no other character would be able to converse with sentient crane because he has to hide during the day and by night he’s lost his sense of reasoning and is sent a stage of frenzie

  19. I think Kyle cranes is alive my reason because in the intro in dying light 2 the narrator said harran was completely wiped but almost everyone was infected but in the campaign the GRE stop releasing the airdrops causing people to become infected (Virals).
    Causing people to become overwhelmed by the infected causing more people to become infected explaining the reason why harran was completely wiped out from the map.
    But before all of this Kyle cranes went to the country side (the following) when he was trying to find a cure but the mother said that it was a poison
    Then crane had a choice to blow up harran or refuse to blow up harran and in my opinion crane chose to refuse drinking the liquid making him a sentinal volatile
    But the was one to she could read minds so when crane drank the liquid we mutaded in a different way explaining the night but when the viruses evolve d Kyle cran evolved explaining the different munitions of the night Kyle cran could also be the reason why the infected happened in dying light two
    The GRE could of caught crane and did experiment s on him.
    Causing the outbreak crane escape d and stared a killing spree because it was night when the outbreak happened crane could be in dying light 2 not waltz though when they the liquidnatour said was that could mean Kyle crane went missing because nobody knew what happened to him beside the GRE and the mother sorry this took to long

  20. "Wiped from the map" could potentially mean someone just physically removed it's labeling from Maps. Let's think about the GRE. The Virus is gone, there's no more need for a LOT of the GREs work regarding it. so why do they keep working?
    Because there's someone still in Harran who seems to have met the link between Human and Infected. This potentially means the Virus could be beneficial to people if it's worked right. But they'll need to study whoever this is. So they close off Harran to the rest of the world, make it like it's not even there anymore. Now they can study all they want. How is this thing so strong? How can it grapple with tendrils like that? It doesn't seem to care about eating, it's almost like it's killing for sport.
    My theory: Kyle Crane is still in Harran, has become the Night Hunter, and is what convinced the GRE to keep working on the Harran Virus.

  21. Serious thoughts and evidence – wiped from the map does not definitively mean that is was nuclear destruction. could be many many things. also the PK's have multiple maps of Harran and the country side in their bases with military sites marked and everything, why would they still have and study these if Harran was destroyed? also a nuclear explosion would cause major issues in the surrounding regions that would not be taken lightly people FOR SURE would have mentioned a nuclear explosion or something relating to it at some point.

    all we have as "evidence" of the nuclear option being canon is them saying "harran was wiped from the map" which is very vague. it could also mean that due to conflict and being the center of the virus its 100% unihabitable and is a death zone where noone can go therefore wiped out completely. or many other options.

    im more sided with Crane is either alive as a sentient volatile or he vaguely died inbetween the events of DL1 and DL2 due to being infected. as remember there was a state of peace inbetween the games where the virus was wiped out. the GRE leaked it TWICE. this means Crane likely was killed or was in hiding if you wanna stretch it.

    long story short i think nuclear option is 100% unlikely as it wouldnt make any sense with the lore we have and the immense amount of ignoring it the game would have to do for that to be the case.

    EDIT: also the nuclear ending makes no sense for Crane to do. it goes against the entire reason he betrayed the GRE and sacrifieced everything. to save Harran and his friends. I doubt that he would kill tolga Fatin, Brecken, and EVERYONE in Harran on a split second choice especially after weeks and weeks of suffering with these people to save Harran, it just doesnt make any sense.

  22. I'm pretty sure the ending is the volotile ending cause there is mention of people still stuck in quarantine 5 years later following is only a year after the main games events and also crane very well could just be believed dead to most he would just look like a volotile and if he's sentiant he's probably in hiding and we can even fit the events of bad blood in which has a new group in control of the tower and that the people we play in bad blood work for the gre getting samples of THV which would be how the gre got the samples of THV to cure it and mutate it into the varients from DL2

  23. My view on the canon ending is conflicted.

    As of now, I think the most likely answer is:

    Crane succumbed to the chemicals and became a sentient volatile. Harran didn't have to be nuked to be wiped off the map, as it becoming an exclusion zone could have had that effect. I want to believe the nuke ending is canon since there was a time of peace. However, I think it's more likely Crane would have eventually infected more of Turkey before a vaccine was discovered. It's likely Crane was eventually killed after his becoming of a sentient volatile, either by someone else in self defense or suicide due to guilt.

    It was likely he was able to transfer the virus to other parts of Turkey by using one of the exits from Harran that Spike likely told him about.

    Again, I am conflicted as there are many possibilities with arguments, counterpoints and contradictions.

  24. Newspaper Article – October 11th 2020
    Is one of the collectables
    This proves harran could not have been nuked by crane
    Well at least i think
    They could of nuked it in the future of the story but it did not happen in cranes hands

  25. Even if Harran was nuked it doesn’t necessarily mean Crane did it, for all we know it could have been bombed by military powers.

  26. anime theory, Crane have plot armor and he develop his volatiles power right as the bomb exploded and he somehow fully regenerate his whole body and became the only person who survive the bomb. He hide his present from the brothers and Spike and the Liquidator is actually his student but Crane is trying to make him go his own path and not the one that Crane took so that maybe in DL3 the Liquidator will be the MC replacing Aiden from DL2 and helping people by his own choice and deciding if they're worth staying alive or death so he won't make the same mistakes as Crane in helping everyone he see just to later betrayed by them (not really everyone but there's a miss where you help a guy get to a stash and later he betray you trying to take the stash/ or the Kids mission maybe the Liquidator will actually be fast enough to catch them and you'll get a choice to either kill them or spare them.
    I mean it's an anime theory what did you expect XD

  27. When he was turning u can see tall buildings like the VNC tower and if craine turned I think spike knew that he was gonna leave harran so he evacuated everyone because crane was a hero that's my theory there's more in this comment

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