PS5 God of War RAGNAROK Gameplay LEAKS but.. 🥺 (God of War Release Date, PS4 & PS5)

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PS5 God of War RAGNAROK Gameplay WORST News Just Dropped (God of War Release Date, PS4 & PS5)
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00:00 – God of War Ragnarok news
1:45 – God of War Ragnarok Release Date
3:15 – God of War Ragnarok gameplay What happened?
4:50 – God of War Ragnarok collector’s edition

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  1. Don't expect anything until September showcase they will show god of war ragnarok release date and spiderman game play

  2. We didn’t get anything leaked’s all bullshit , stop keep keeping on with the leak lies

  3. Shit is getting wild. But honestly, they've kinda done this to themselves with their guerilla marketing. It worked, but not the way they intended I'm sure. Lmao

  4. Of course the young generation is lost. They have nothing to live for. Bad economy, men are chronically depressed and alone, and all the want is a video game to distract themselves from their meaningless lives.

  5. I don’t know. They work at a game studio, they should release games. It’s already had two trailers by now. Also; fuck Jason Schreier.

  6. Why do you keep asking for gameplay like they didn't already show GAMEPLAY when it was revealed in a state of play????

  7. Man I didn’t liked the gow 2016 game let alone this new one , it looks just an add on for the ps4 gow version , they should be bringing back the original gow gameplay format

  8. The leaks I got were wrong!!!…

    Oh!!! Yes, I'll blame it on the publisher, that never said anything about any announcements… 🤣😂🤣

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